Monday, May 31, 2010

Inspiration Day ~ May Edition!

Here we are again
where on earth did May go??


So over the week-end I sat
and did what I do best

sit and think
and read blogs

no really...

I put a lot of thought into my choice
for Maggie's inspiration party for the
month of May

there was one blog I kept going back to
I love her style
and her stuff

she is always coming up with something new
things that I sit back and go Wow!

I cannot remember exactly
how I came across her blog
I believe she was working on her
front entry way
or her character building

not sure
not that it matters
but I went
and stayed

My inspiration person for
this month is

over at Funky Junk Interiors

she is a single mother
and always on the move
doing project after project

and being a fellow Canuk
I felt akin to her somehow in
this big bloggy world

all of the pictures in this post
were borrowed from her blog
and I sure hope she forgives me

this is one of her latest projects
see what I mean
that is a bed frame ~ brilliant!

I think it was these
that had me head over heels in love
yes ~ I said love
painted wooden crate stairs
read all about it here

I wanted to fly her east
to do these for me
as I love them, love them, love them!

Every week she hosts
Saturday Night Special
and has tons of fun

she gives blog improving tips
fun stuff like

how to center your widgets
staging ~ how to take beautiful pictures for your blog
and she takes gorgeous pictures!

now for you seasoned bloggers
learning how to center your widgets may not
be a great post
but for beginners like me
her help was greatly appreciated!

This is a special picture for Donna
one that I know she holds close to her heart
so I just had to use it.

So if you have not been over for a visit
run on over
I promise
you will not be disappointed!

Thank you Maggie
for hosting such a great event!

Want to join in on the fun
head on over to
The White Farmhouse
and link up!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Open & Ready for Guests!

Last Sunday
we loaded up the cleaning supplies
and headed to the cottage
to open it up for the season

they are coming along with the road

it really is too bad that it will no longer be a road
along the shore as it is such a pretty drive
luckily it only veers off into the woods
for a mile or so...

the boys concentrated on the outside

and Trev on the roof sweeping
then cleaning out the gutters

that's a lot of wood chips guys!

we did save some to use for bonfires
this summer.

I was inside -
Febreezing mattresses
making up beds

and looking around
at some of the treasures we have collected
throughout the years

my Dad loved old bottles
and would collect them from the beach

here are a couple from his little collection


Now the next thing I am going to show you
has a history

I was going to throw it out
as we have not used it in years
then my brother started talking about it

Lori! he said
you CANNOT throw that out
Mom used that when we used to go camping
and for quite a few years down at the cottage

so I washed it up
and filled it up
and it is ready for company

yes - it is an old Tupperware container thingy
yeah - a thingy

Mom always kept instant coffee, sugar and tea
in the 3 compartments
so here it is ~ I guess I will give it a go!

so the place is clean
and time to relax ~ right??

not quite
we still have to fix this

that's the back door
nailed shut

you see the cottage was broken into
in November
they kicked in the back door
and messed up the front door lock so bad
we could not get into it with the key

Trevor fixed the front door at the time
but this one had to wait until spring

it's time!!
so we are on the hunt for a new -
used door and frame

hope to find one soon ~ then we can put the new deck
on the front
then maybe scrape and paint

maybe that can wait til next year
the painting that is!!

Have a fabulous week-end everyone!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Out & About

I sit here
wishing I was still on vacation

but thankful for the time off
the chance to recharge
the things we got accomplished

it really was a good week.

Since the weather cooperated
with our time off
I was out and about
quite a bit
with camera in hand

the first part of the week
I took pictures of my tulips

it was their last hurrah

they were gone by the end of the week.

Now comes the painful part
waiting for them to die off
so I can plant my impatients

and I am very impatient in the waiting process!!

the blooms are also done
on the forsythia

and most of the blossoms on the
bridal wreath spirea
are now scattered on the deck
like confetti

it is so pretty
it is one of my favorites in the yard

unfortunately there are still are plenty of these...

but even this dandelion looks pretty!

oh ~ this is not a flower
but she loves being outside with her Mama!

My containers are completed...
million bells are one of my favs

and of course planting would not be complete without...

and a pedicure!

these forget-me-nots
are my favorite vacation shot

I took it on Saturday at the cottage
when we went to open it up

more on that and the rest of what we did while we
were off is coming up soon!

Hope your day is as pretty as a flower!


Monday, May 24, 2010

My Potting Bench

I have always wanted a potting bench

it is something I have been talking about
for quite a few years

nothing fancy


a spot to do my container planting

and store all my gardening gear

on Easter week-end
Trevor was working away in the garage
while I was doing things in the house
I did not know what he was up to

well I soon found out
that this is what he was up to...

he surprised me with my very own bench!

we had this piece of countertop
can't quite remember where we scored it
but it has been sitting
a long time...

here he is
kicking back and relaxing
after a job well done!

so she sat in the baby barn
for a month now
and I was hoping
while we were on vacation
I would have the chance to dress her up a bit!

last Monday was the day
we brought her out

and I set up my gear

I wanted something

the colour is called

my neighbor said it looked like
a giant life guard bench

we took her back to her new home

and I started organizing.

works great too
I have all my containers completed
and I can't wait to find more things
to add to her charm.

Happy Monday!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big New Project

For the past few years
my cousins and I have been gathering recipes
and wanting to put together a family cookbook.

I took them all and typed them up
and have been carrying them around on a
flash drive for almost 2 years now.

Last summer while my cousin Gina was home
we went and got some prices on getting them printed
and we got a really good price

now we just had to get them formatted and emailed
to the place and it would be complete.

Well ~ I have never gotten around to formatting them
which are currently in Word
and it would take all of an afternoon to complete
but it is something I have been putting off
and putting off...

Last week while I was on vacation
I thought I would compile them
and at least make them available on line
to the kin folk

so that is what I did...

A History in the Baking

l-r My Grandmother Barb, Great-Grandmother Helene
Aunt Dorcas (on the floor) and Aunt Francie

We just picked the sweet ones
the ones that brought back memories for us all

the ones that Grammy used to make on the farm
ones passed down from her mother
to her 3 daughters

Ones like:
Birds Nests

Oatmeal Crackers

Pineapple Squares

These are the ladies that helped gather the recipes
and I want to give a shout out to them all!

Carolyn, Dianne, me, Gina & Julie

Anne & Aunt Sue

So if you are looking for something sweet
drop by and look through the list

I can vouch for them all
(except the fruitcakes)
as I have sampled them in the past
and have the thighs to show for it!