Friday, May 7, 2010

Week 15

No happy dance this week

I knew it before I went

still battling this cold...

and partaking in some ice cream
soothes the throat you know

plus no exercise
= weight gain

I am up 1 lb this week

I am disappointed in myself

I was so close to the 20 lb mark

I will not beat myself up
and I will jump back on the wagon

with both feet

and I will try harder...

There is some good news though
I am working on post 200

can you believe it??

Stay tuned...

Happy Friday!!


8 comments: said...

Eh, what is one little pound. You have done fantastic so far! Besides you got some really pretty feet that you can look at! Love the red nail polish and flip flops. Looks like someone is ready for summer!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Shake it off. When your sick it doesn't count. Next week is all brand new. Happy weekend to ya Lori:)

Recaptured Charm said...

Don't worry about this week Lori. Nothing goes right when you just don't feel well. When you're better the pounds will drop off again. You're really doing terrific!
Have a great weekend.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Still rooting for you, even if it's while I am eating the most fabulous cinnamon roll in the world. It's been a fat week for me all the way around.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
1lb doesn't matter in the slightest. When you think that you have been doing this for 15 weeks now, there are bound to be times when you put the odd pound on. You are still doing SO WELL. I am so impressed with what you have done and you are an inspiration to others, as Maggie has already told you.
Next week will be brilliant for you and, even if it wasn't, you are still doing fantastically.
Sending skinny vibes to you and lots of love. XXXX

mimi charmante said...

If you are anything like me, your weight can go up and down a pound from things like water... Don't fret dear girl, just remember how great it feels when you step on the scale and it is lower than the previous week - and don't forget that we are all here in spirit, pulling for you!

Cathi said...

You are doing a FABULOUS job, Lori - I truly am impressed as I am having trouble losing just a few pounds...I had dental work done last week which has me eating alot of soft, yummy foods to soothe my ailing mouth...But I am doing well with th exercising....You can do it and you will, girl!! I am proud of you! xxoo

Mikal said...

I hope the weekend finds you feeling better so you can enjoy your time off!

Keep smiling!