Friday, December 30, 2011

Champagne Wishes

As we wind down the week
we also wind down the year

I always get emotional this time of year
maybe I like hanging onto to the past a little too much
but I am getting better ~ I am

I have my memories and that's all good

tomorrow night is New Years Eve
we usually go out to dinner ~ then back to someone's house
for drinks and fun

this year we are doing something different
meeting for an appetizer supper
"grazing food"
then we are going to a party
at the casino here in town
a couple of bands and a dj
fancy smacy

there are 5 couples and I am looking forward to it

although the crowds and cold would not thrill me
spending one year in NYC would be amazing

so as I say goodbye to 2011
I look back at the year it was
lots of new memories were made
laughter and tears
reconnecting with old friends
and making new ones

wishing you all a 
Happy New Year

and I thank you for your comments
your friendship and support.

Hugs & Love

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's All About Family...

What a great week-end we had!

spoiled ~ spoiled ~ spoiled

dinner for 9 gathered round the table

my girls
Sam & Kat

This year we welcomed 3 more into the family 
with my brother's girlfriend and her 2 daughters

this is Alayna with Mom

and cute as a button Ceara

my brother Gord and his girlfriend Tammy.

Christmas eve was a productive day
getting a few things done ~ running some last minute errands
then back home to eat ~ then off to church

I love our service on Christmas eve

then everyone came back here for some food and drink
and some laughs too

Christmas Day was incredible
everyone pinched in to help with dinner and the dishes

then it was off to the inlaws for more gifts and food
we are blessed to have these wonderful people
in our lives.

Boxing Day was relaxing ~ got dressed in time to go
back to Trev's parents for turkey dinner ~ round 2
ding ding!

Yesterday we did a little shopping
and a little visiting
then came home to veg on the couch

Back to work today
hot turkey sandwiches for supper tonight
and the turkey stock is simmering on the stove
as I am going to try my hand at making fricot tonight

wish me luck!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Wish For You...

This has definitely been a week
of ups and downs
but I am ready to move forward
and look towards the week-end

work was crazy busy
exhausting really
and I am happy to be off for 4 whole days

a dear friend of mine lost her Dad on Tuesday
gone too soon as he was only 64

the funeral is this morning and I am an honorary pallbarer
I cried when she asked me
RIP Jack

Molly has not been well all week
and yesterday Trev took her to the vet
she is on medication and a bland diet now for a 
couple of weeks and I hope that my little monkey
will be better soon ~ very soon

so onward we go
remembering the reason for the season
and it is not all about Santa!

Tomorrow night we will head to church
then back here for some nibblies and drinks

the turkey will be prepped and ready to pop in the oven 
on Christmas morn
as dinner will be served at 1

we will have Christmas crackers with funny hats

and cookies frosted and plain

the paper and ribbon and bows will fly

and I will look around the room and be thankful
for all my loved ones
being together on this glorious holiday

Merry Christmas to all of my faithful readers
and to those of you who pop in when you have the time

my wish for you this week-end 
is to have joy in your hearts
and a loved one by your side

much love xo

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ I'm Dreaming

we have a 67% chance of having a
white Christmas

we have had flurries off and on all week
but no big amounts

I would love to have big fluffy flakes
falling outside my window on Christmas eve
that would be perfect.


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