Monday, December 19, 2011

Things I Learned.....

Things I learned this week-end...

It is always when you are in a rush that you run into
someone that you have not seen forever
note to self ~ slow down

when they say to not to fill the cupcake liners
they are telling the truth
still delish ~ but not very pretty!

wrapping paper ~ ribbons & bows
plus a dog and a cat
= kaos

some cookie dough can be refrigerated and baked later
my Grandmother's shortbread recipe
is not one of those ~ butter 1 Lori 0

making a grocery list for 2 weeks is challenging
when you are used to going every week

I am very very fortunate and blessed

a couple bottles of wine and good friends
= lots of laughter and good times

real trees need water and if you neglect them
the needles will drop = big mess

slivered almonds + your favorite cheeseball recipe
= cutest party food ever!

my to do list is dwindling
I actually took some time yesterday just to sit

the week-end was productive and fun
all rolled up into one

this week is just little things
I see a trip to the book store and an eggnog latte
in my future.

My wish for you on this countdown week
(6 more sleeps)
is a stress free time
lots of eggnog
and that you have joy in your heart.



Kim said...

awesome lessons Lori! I just got the tree but that's about it.....yikes, I'd better get at it!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Loved the candlelit pic. I can't imagine running into someone here that I know. That would feel so good. Have a great week friend.

Mikal said...

Love your weekend! Mine was insane!! It took me 30 minutes to drive less than a mile - many other shoppers out on Saturday too. The only bad part is they were NOT as cheery as me! LOL I don't know why people can't be nice during the holidays... so frustrating!!

Wish I could meet up with you for that latte!

Unknown said...

Wonderful photography!

Unknown said...

Love this post, Lori.....all those things you have learned, clever girl LOL!! You made me smile :)

I have been addicted to eggnog lattes this holiday....delish :) X


Joy to you, as well, sweet Lori.


Cathi said...

I have been relaxing quite a bit this holiday season and yet seemed to get everything done! I am ready for the big day,baby! Haha. I had a fab weekend with a few girlfriends, some cocktails, dinner and a fun concert! Loved this post, my friend! xxoo