Monday, December 12, 2011

Busy ~ Busy

Wow ~ what a week-end
I woke up this morning hoping that it was not Monday
but alas ~ it was....

Friday night I stopped by one of my favorite shops
and picked up a couple of little things for me

after all ~ it IS the season for giving
and receiving ~ right??!!

these were taken with my phone and I think they turned out
pretty good

you can see why I love this store and this was just a little corner of it.

after supper we brought in the tree ~ looking good!

I spent the better part of Saturday putting on the lights
until I ran out ~ so off we went to the store for more
and 3 stops later ~ we were back home in time
to get ready for my department party

which we had a blast
good food and some drinks
and a designated driver made the night complete.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday was baking day

getting everything ready
I made 4 kinds of cookies ~ yummy!

love my old recipe cards
this one is my Aunt's handwriting
little things like this I cherish

my 30 day cake is almost ready to go
the fruit has been fermenting since the 15th of November
and they are best tasting cakes ever

we also got a knock on the door while we were having brunch
and this Christmas neckerchief was delivered for Miss Molly
by the best next door neighbor ever

she is going to look some spiffy Christmas Day!

last night we decorated the tree
drank eggnog and ate cookies

it was a busy but productive week-end

so the tree is trimmed
I am setting up my wrap center this week
so I hope to have everything wrapped by the week-end

a few little things left to do
but my goal of having nothing to do next week
is looking good

wish me luck!

How was your week-end??



Wow, Lori. That was a lot of activity for one weekend. All sounded so fun. Why is it that I have to add more strings of lights every year?
Enjoy your rest next week.


Unknown said...

Love this post Lori! Your tree is really lovely, beautiful shape too and I love all the lights :)

I am aiming to have nothing to do next week too, keep me some of those cookies and I'll pop over to you ;) If only :)X

Farmgirl Paints said...

The tree looks gorgeous girlie. I'm baking today as well. Supposed to be on a sugar free diet. We'll see how that goes:)

Cathi said...

You were a busy bee last weekend! We also put up our tree and had a festive weekend. I have almost finished my shopping but everything I have is wrapped. Our holiday parties have started and all the delicious gift baskets have been arriving at the office - yum! Have a fab day! xxoo :)