Monday, May 30, 2011

Zero Chance of Frost

Far be it from me
to ever brag about our weather again

I know I went on and on 
about how nice it was ~ that the sun was shining
and it was warm

well ~ by the time I left work Friday night
the temperature had dropped over 10 degrees
and the wind picked up

I ran to the car holding my sundress down
so I would not show the world
my bloomers

cold ~ cold ~ cold!!

It did warm up a bit on Saturday
but drizzle all day
so it was nice to wake up on Sunday
and see the sun
and the temps had risen substantially overnight
so what's a girl to do
plant some flowers I say

since the big guns say that there is no more chance of frost!

the neighbors flowering crab ~ love it!

So last summer I scooped up this washtub
which I told you about here

I knew from the start what I wanted to do with it

so with a little bit of soil

and an old chair back I scooped out of the 
neighbor's garbage during fall clean up

I planted some sweet peas

and some filler ~ I chose euphorbia
Stardust White Sparkle

and ta da

I cannot wait until it fills out and blooms

I had also picked up this little pot
and what better to plant in it
but a bunch of little faces!

I used my new handy dandy planter helper

I can see this baby will be on my favorite things list

the hole it leaves is the exact size for bedding plants

then you just pop it in and press the soil around it
genius I say!

so this cutie pie will get lots of love this summer
and who can resist pansies

I still have a few things I want to pick up
and if things actually dry up enough
there is some major weeding to be done
in my perennial beds

Hope you all had a wonderful week-end
and that my friends to the south are enjoying their 
holiday Monday

I am looking forward to this afternoon
as I am only working a part day today
as I am meeting up with an old friend
to share some time ~ some memories
and make some new ones

Have a great day!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Potpourri

May finally decided to show up
and show off this week
it's about time I say!

the weather has been gorgeous
warm temperatures and sunshine

it is so nice to walk out of the house
without a coat
and not freeze your butt off

 I did get out for a walk a couple of nights
with my best girl
we both needed it

tonight after work I am headed to the market
as our town started having a little one on Friday evenings
I forgot about it last week ~ so I am excited to see
what vendors are there and what they have to offer

and I am hoping to pick some of these up
there is nothing like fresh fiddleheads 
with lots of butter please!

we have no plans for the week-end
except the usual ~ you know
some cleaning and the regular errands

hopefully another trip to the garden center
and then some planting

 the nice weather is suppose to stick around
so that puts a smile on my face

wherever you are and whatever you do
I hope the sun shines upon you

have a fabulous week-end!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pass the Tissue Please...

Well today is the day
I have not been looking forward to it
but I have....

does that make sense at all??

all eyes are on Chicago

as it is Oprah's last show...

Now ~ in the past I have had a love/hate relationship with Oprah
some things I thought were too preachy
but other times I agreed with her 100%

I do not idolize her
but I would have loved to have gone to just one of her shows

I mean ~ how could you not love the woman that gave us
Nate Berkus

Dr. Oz!

of course there is Dr. Phil and many others
but those 2 are my favorites

I love the relationship she has with her BFF

their adventures are must see TV
Gayle is a hoot
and they have been together since before the limo's

her school in Africa

the legends week-end

her magazine

and the ticket everyone wanted
oh to be in the audience for her Favorite Things show
that would have been something.

Love her or hate her
you have to admit that she is a powerhouse
a very smart lady indeed

wouldn't it be funny if she announced
that after all these years 
that she and Stedman have been married all along??!!

so she moves on towards the next chapter

I wish her all the best
and lots of luck & love

maybe I can have my hour back to do something productive...

this one is for you Miss Oprah
I will miss you...

now pass the tissue box ~ I will need it tonight!

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