Monday, May 23, 2011

Victoria Day Week-end

It's Monday afternoon
a holiday here
and I am sitting watching Oprah

I must admit
I am a little teary eyed
bawling now
and I am only 20 minutes into it
look out for Wednesday ~ 
I am sure I will be a ball of tears
and you will be able to find me under the 
mountain of tissues...

OK - breathe deep!

Now I did not sit in front of the tv all week-end
although the weather did not cooperate fully
with my plans ~ the sun did shine
but it was cool

Saturday actually was downright cold
so we used that time to do a few things inside
and run some errands

one of which was a new BBQ
ain't she pretty!

Sunday was warmer
so I got myself all set up
and stained and stained and stained

prepping the wood first with a wood conditioner
then the stain

my hats off to those of you that stain things
on a regular basis
it was quite a job ~ but I am proud to say
I am done
now to get them installed ~ we will see how long that will take!!

this afternoon Mom & I went on a garden center excursion
we hit 3

then came home and planted some of my containers

still not finished yet though ~ will get some shots 
when I am finished

this little nest was at my local nursery
my favorite spot ~ and he is always happy to see me!

they had 2 nests that I could see
and they had signs up to ensure they were not touched

so all in all
it was a good week-end
I would say an equal amount of work
and relaxation ~ which is how it should be

best thing ~ it's a 4 day work week
let's hope it flies by

Happy Monday!

5 comments: said...

I want you to adopt me! You always have the bestest weekends! Maybe3 I should move to Canada? That barbie sure is a beauty! I am sure that you will put it to good use this summer! If you are like me, Trevor will be doing the grilling. Not that Trevor comes to my house to grill. My hubby does. I just sit and tell him how cute he looks grilling while I drink lots of cocktails! Now that my dear, is the way to grill!

Unknown said...

Is this Oprah's last wish I was watching, I can't get Oprah anymore so haven't seen it for ages :)

That BBQ looks pretty impressive :)

And love your garden photos, lovely xxxx

Cathi said...

I am going home in a bit to watch Oprah and know I will have to get the tissues, for sure, especially on Weds.

Wow you were a busy bee this weekend and the flowers are beautiful!! Have a fabulous week, Lori!

this free bird said...

i'm skipping around singing the song they sang when the house landed on top of the witch. true dat!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

You are so sweet... yeah, I need to watch Oprah, I can't believe its her last show! You are so handy - wow! I love the new BBQ, perfect for summer!