Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These....

Once upon a time
there was an ordinary girl
living an ordinary life
in Eastern Canada

she loved pretty things
flowers ~ antiques ~ cupcakes
and most of all
her family and friends

she also loved photography
and by looking and learning
then buying a new camera (big step)
started taking some pictures of her own

when she decided to start a blog
2 years ago
she never dreamed that she would meet
so many wonderful people
from all over the world

a meeting of kindred spirits
finding faith and hope 
in words and photos

celebrating good times
and coming together in times of need...


Jumping out of 3rd person now

I have grown so much
these past 2 years 

I still love planning a post
getting the right shot
or finding it on the net

I must admit ~ I do not comment nearly enough
I read and sometimes giggle or laugh out loud
and bookmark ideas

I know I should ~ because I love getting comments myself
I will try to do better ~ in the future

so tomorrow I celebrate
2 years here at Wildflowers

it has been a journey
and one that I hope to continue
and invite you to come along for the ride

Happy Wednesday!


AC Quigley said...

Congratulations on making it to 2 years! I've only been at this for 2 months and I'm enjoying it. I hope I manage to keep going as long as you!
I love the images in your post - especially the shoes in the 1st one - fabulous!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
Many congratulations on reaching your 2 year blogging anniversary. ...... my blog is two years old as well ......I think that I might have missed it!!!! I'll have to look and see what date I started, but it was in May.
I wouldn't worry about the really does take ages to comment on everyone's blog and there's a lot of real life to be getting on with, isn't there ?
Here's to many more years of Wildflowers. Lots of love. XXXX

Mikal said...

YAY and Congrats!

I found you through Kim, and what a treasure you are to me!

Have a beautiful day! said...

Congrats on your 2 years! I am so glad that I found you 2 years ago. You have quickly turned into a dear and much loved friend. I just love opening a post and seeing a comment from you. You get me. Any time that you are in the beautiful, tropical (holding back a snicker here) Michigan, you let me know. I know it would be a blast to spend some time with you!

Patricia said...

Congrats on your blog milestone. It's a wonderful expression of what you love and share. Thanks for such a lovely blog.

Farmgirl Paints said...

well i can say i'm truly blessed to have gotten to know you a little over the last two years. you are one of just a handful i actually make it to every day. happy happy blogiversary lori!

Chez Zizi said...

Very sweet! A wonderful blog, can't wait for more.

Cathi said...

Congrats on your anniversary - I definitely am glad to have found you, as you are one fabulous, inspiring woman. Hugs, sunshine and smiles to you, dear Lori!! xxoo :)

Ann said...

Congratulations on two years of blogging...
Love your images so much,
and I enjoy reading your thoughts.

I am happy to be a follower of your blog ♥


Two years . . . that is a lot of faithful writing, taking pictures, scanning the internet etc. Thanks, Lori.