Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Potpourri

May finally decided to show up
and show off this week
it's about time I say!

the weather has been gorgeous
warm temperatures and sunshine

it is so nice to walk out of the house
without a coat
and not freeze your butt off

 I did get out for a walk a couple of nights
with my best girl
we both needed it

tonight after work I am headed to the market
as our town started having a little one on Friday evenings
I forgot about it last week ~ so I am excited to see
what vendors are there and what they have to offer

and I am hoping to pick some of these up
there is nothing like fresh fiddleheads 
with lots of butter please!

we have no plans for the week-end
except the usual ~ you know
some cleaning and the regular errands

hopefully another trip to the garden center
and then some planting

 the nice weather is suppose to stick around
so that puts a smile on my face

wherever you are and whatever you do
I hope the sun shines upon you

have a fabulous week-end!


Lou said...

Hi Lori - what a lovely set of images - I love that one of the house with the rake leaning against it - very Anne of Green Gables! I know what you mean about a weekend of chores and pottering about - I don't mind that though. Lou x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
Well, I think that we have sent you our wonderful weather that we have been having and you have returned the compliment !! It has been raining here for a couple of days and is decidedly colder ! Still, I think that you deserve some good weather and I'm pleased that it has warmed up for you.
It's a Bank Holiday weekend here this weekend and also our son's birthday, so we shall be gardening and celebrating I think.
Have a great weekend and thanks for the beautiful images to start us off on a relaxing couple of days. XXXX

Blondie's Journal said...

Amazing how the weather plays on our moods. We are supposed to be warmer and that makes me truly happy. Work in the garden can wait until next week...I am just going to sit in the sun!

Happy holiday weekend, Lori!

Jane said...

I am so moving to Canada. All we have had here is rain, rain, and more rain. All week it has rained! This weekend is a holiday here in the states too. The kids are off and I want to get some projects finished up around here. Hopefully I will get to some of them. I can't wait to see all your beautiful flowers again! I have to ask, what are fiddleheads? I have never heard of them! At first I thought it was okra. Yummy too. I'll tell ya what, you send me fiddleheads and I will send ya some Castleberrys! Course your meatballs sounded scrumptious too! I think you should post the recipe! Enjoy your weekend sweet lady!

Mikal said...

I'd come see you and your sunshine if I didn't have to work! :) Terrible rain here, and all I want to do is plant my garden! Maybe Monday if I'm lucky...

So lay in the sunshine with a great book and take a little nap for me!


Lissa said...

enjoy your weekend lori! enjoy the sun! enjoy the market! it all sounds wonderful!

De Ruijsbroekjes said...

I enjoyed your post today, thank you!
Have a lovely weekend !

AC Quigley said...

Fiddleheads? That's a new one for me! They do look interesting though.
Lovely images as always!
Make the most of the sunshine and enjoy your weekend.

farmgirl paints said...

oh you too sweet friend. enjoy those temps...we deserve it!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos Lori!!! Love those ice cream spoons :)

I think Jackie's right...we have given your our weather!! We've had a bit of everything this week.

Enjoy your week-end lovely girl,
Simone xx

kimberly said...

Hello sweet friend,
I have never tried fiddleheads (I know, it can't be!) but I am going to look for them at the market tomorrow morning!
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that weather - we are still waiting for May... :)