Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Days & Mondays

I am a creature of habit

on the week-end I do certain things
on certain days

this week-end I was thrown off kilter
doing things out of my regular order
puts me into a tailspin

I like to think that I am open to change
bendable ~ pliable

but I guess that I am becoming set in my ways
in my old age!

it's still raining
it stops for a bit ~ then starts again
I did get out on Saturday to clean up the flowerbeds

talk about instant gratification
they look good and now I am looking forward
to planning my containers

hopefully next week-end
a girl can dream ~ can't she??!!

another reason I am awaiting the sunshine is
we have our baseboards
all 7 miles of them
that I have to stain ~ outside

see why I am a little anxious
for all this rain to stop...

oh well ~ for now I will be content
to watch the forecast
and pray that the rain will stop

I will also be thankful that we are not one of the areas
experiencing flooding ~ my heart goes out to those people
impacted by Mother Natures fury.

I have to give a little birthday shout out
as my baby girl turned 4 yesterday

Happy Birthday Molly!!

Hope you all had a drier week-end than we did.
Happy Monday!


Mikal said...

Blogger WAS a pill last week... I couldn't even read anyone... LOVED all your posts (now that I've caught up) Especially your morning sunrise. Those moments are always so beautiful and powerful.

Have a great week sweets... I feel you pain about the rain... I didn't get very far in my flower-beds either!

My new mantra... the sun will come, the sun will come....

Hugs! said...

First the snow and now the rain! I think that I just hate precipitation. Do you know how long my grass is? The nice days are the one that I just can't get out there with other things going on. I hope soon that you will have sunny days to finish your project. I can't wait to see it all done!

AC Quigley said...

It sounds like the rain is really causing havoc there. I'm sure the sun will break through soon and you'll be able to get out and do everything you've been planning to do.
Andrea (new follower!)

Cathi said...

Here's to drier days for you, Lori...sending you some sunshine today! Loved your posts from last week, blogger was testing all of our patience now wasn't it! Happy Birthday to your baby girl!! Warm hugs and smiles,dear friend! xxoo :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
I'm so sorry to hear that you are having all of that rain....we have had the warmest April here for 400 years !!....and ironically, we need some rain. It's not often that we can say that !!.....and, 7 miles of staining to do ? I hope you are getting some help !!
Happy birthday to Molly and here's hoping for some sunshine. XXXX