Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day Trip ~ Havana ~ Part 2

After a very full morning of stops
off and on the bus
we stopped for lunch and readied ourselves
for the afternoon
which was a walking tour of 
Old Havana

Hats on and lubed up with sunscreen
we set off

this is the restaurant where we had lunch
it was gorgeous and the food was good

they have been refurbishing most of the buildings in this area
bringing them back to their heyday

again ~ the architecture was beautiful

the stonework and ironwork
is all one of a kind

our guide told us that they apprentice in one or the other
and can take years to master

this awning was all stained glass

next was on to the La Floridita Bar
which was one of Hemmingway's favorite haunts

it had an old working elevator
which was very cool

one of the street performers

again ~ one of the beautiful old buildings
with the columns

I wish that this had of turned out better
because it was amazing
it was a mural on the wall depicting the past

but as you can see ~ the sun was not kind to me
or maybe it was my photographic ability!

one of the last stops on the walking tour
was the cathedral

it was a blessed day

this cutie was our tour guide
Danny ~ he was a sweetheart!

I am still making my rounds ~ catching up on posts
and commenting when I can

Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end
and I wish all you Mom's out there
a Happy Mother's Day.



Chez Zizi said...

Gorgeous pictures Lori. Looks just fabulous.
Zizette said...

The pictures look gorgeous and you look mahvelous dahling! I will take one each of the columns, the stained glass awning and the fountain in the bar. Oh yeah, and all the martoonis (chocolate please) that the bartender can muster up! What a great place to vacation! Good choice!

Farmgirl Paints said...

okay love that old elevator and your tour guide is a HOTTIE! that architecture makes me ache inside it's so beautiful. lovin' all the pics. happy weekend friend.

Cathi said...

Fabulous photos, Lori...It definitely looks like you were enjoying this vacation quite a bit...your tour guide is very handsome too!! Happy weekend to you, sweet Lori!! xxoo :)

Mikal said...

Wow, what a beautiful place! I love how the reburbed buildings are so fresh and cheery. That church, gorgeous! Did you get to go inside?

Have a great weekend sweets, hope you get to relax... a darn storm came in today, so my plan for playing in my yard is shot... guess I'll just have to relax and read! :))