Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pass the Tissue Please...

Well today is the day
I have not been looking forward to it
but I have....

does that make sense at all??

all eyes are on Chicago

as it is Oprah's last show...

Now ~ in the past I have had a love/hate relationship with Oprah
some things I thought were too preachy
but other times I agreed with her 100%

I do not idolize her
but I would have loved to have gone to just one of her shows

I mean ~ how could you not love the woman that gave us
Nate Berkus

Dr. Oz!

of course there is Dr. Phil and many others
but those 2 are my favorites

I love the relationship she has with her BFF

their adventures are must see TV
Gayle is a hoot
and they have been together since before the limo's

her school in Africa

the legends week-end

her magazine

and the ticket everyone wanted
oh to be in the audience for her Favorite Things show
that would have been something.

Love her or hate her
you have to admit that she is a powerhouse
a very smart lady indeed

wouldn't it be funny if she announced
that after all these years 
that she and Stedman have been married all along??!!

so she moves on towards the next chapter

I wish her all the best
and lots of luck & love

maybe I can have my hour back to do something productive...

this one is for you Miss Oprah
I will miss you...

now pass the tissue box ~ I will need it tonight!

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becky @ farmgirl paints said...

oh girl i feel this way too. i used to watch her faithfully a few years ago and then she did some stuff that felt a little too influential to me and i felt she was abusing her power. which obviously she has a lot of. so even though i stopped watching i think i'll dvr today's last show. it's kind of a history making thing right?

Lisa said...

I am totally with you! I do not idolize Oprah either, but there is no disputing she is definitely both generous and brilliant.
I'll take a tissue or two tonight too :(

Unknown said...

Oprah is an inspiration! I have to say I have never seen a single episode but I know she is generous, beautiful and down to earth! Money hasn't changed her. And I totally agree with the best friend quote! I'd ride a bus with my best friend rather than a limo alone anyday!

Girl about Town XxX

Mikal said...

Oprah rocks, no doubt about it! Hugs to you sweets!


This is a nice post you have written in honor of Oprah's last show. I love watching the last shows of any series and I watched this one, too. I actually thought it was a little boring, for Oprah. But of course, I wish her well as she moves to Los Angeles. We will no longer be neighbors :).


Anonymous said...

I love Oprah, altho the show hasn't been on over here for a while. I think she has done many many good things and for that alone she should be praised. That and Nate Berkus too ;)

Simone :)