Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Friday morning of a long weekend and the 
tail end of my vacation

we are packing up for the cottage
our last hurrah



even though we did not do a lot this past week
having time off and the option to get up and go
or laze around on the deck was just what I needed




the evenings have been full though
a concert mid week then the dinner theatre last night
date night with my boy is always a good thing

spending time unplugged
listening to good music
card games and lots of grilling
is on my agenda

Enjoy your weekend to the fullest.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Day in The Glades

We are very fortunate that we have not one but two places to escape to
places where you can kick back and relax
and make new memories

Trev's parents tore down the original camp and built this one
about 14 years ago

it is right on the river ~ which is really low right now
and Trev spent many a weekend here growing up and has many memories 
like I do of the cottage

we kind of chuckle because if there should be one called a camp and one a cottage
the cottage should definitely be here as our other place is more of a camp
oh well ~ the names have stuck over the years and they shall remain

Sunday there was a little gathering
we had 27 people and 4 dogs
and a good time was had by all

this is Trev's favourite aunt ~ she just turned 86

of course we had enough food to feed a small army

this is Boo ~ she is hilarious ~ she barrels down the hill to the river
and just flops
she knows how to beat the heat

being on vacation ~ we had nothing to rush home for
so we stuck around after everyone left
helped clean up then I grabbed the camera and went for a walk

Miss Molly relaxing ~ she was a busy girl with so many people there

this is my FIL's latest car ~ I love it
and of course Trev brought his baby down for a spin
so we took the opportunity to get some shots of the two of them together.

It was a perfect day ~ beautiful weather
great food and it is always good when you can sit down and catch up
with family.

Happy Tuesday.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Well hello there!


it is hard to believe that it is Friday already

why is it during a work week ~ you wish and pray for Friday to arrive
but if you are on vacation you want the week to go as slow as possible?


Tuesday I got together with a couple of my favourite girls
we sat on the deck ~ ate lunch ~ sipping iced tea
and caught up on each other's lives
and laughed ~ I always laugh so hard with these girls
does the heart good



yesterday we went tubing ~ what a great time we had!

today I feel like I ran a marathon ~ a little bruised
and my arms are sore from doing the back stroke
but we are still smiling!

I have no pictures from on the river and good thing after I flipped out of my tube
got dragged along for a bit as the current was quite strong in places
and I may have been scared for a minute or two
but would I go again ~ you bet!  
Katrina lost her flip flops and both Samantha and I 
"beached" ourselves once in shallow water
all in all ~ we came out happy, wet and tired.



this weekend we have a family get together
so I am going through my recipes to figure out what I am making
love a good pot luck!

reading reading
doing as little cooking as possible
soaking up the beautiful weather we have been having
and squeezing in as much summertime vacationtime as possible


Are you already in fall mode ~ back to school mode
or are you still sitting on the deck in the with an umbrella drink like me?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August ~ So Far So Good

It is Sunday night and I just realized that I have not checked in
and it's been over a week

I took some time tonight to walk the yard
loving the flowers that are in bloom right now as they are some of my favourites

something that is not and is out in abundance right now are the mosquitoes
they are vicious!

just from walking around ~ I happened to look down and saw this
I count 7 and that is only what I could fit in the frame
they are terrible and it has only been the past week or so

thankfully our Off Lantern seems to work quite well
good thing I stocked up on some refills!

A week or so ago I had an extra long weekend
so Trev and I went to a touristy place here in town
Magnetic Hill

we just walked around all the little shops at Wharf Village
bought some fudge ~ fed the ducks
and went to Beaver Tails


he had never had one (what!) so I treated him and he had his with maple butter
drizzled with chocolate

I went with beaver dots ~ like a timbit or donut hole
served with ice cream and drizzled with caramel
it was a little piece of heaven

I laughed in one of the shops as they had a huge display of Anne of Green Gables merchandise
I would also like to point out that I do not live on Prince Edward Island
and I live about a 2 hour drive to Anne's famous gables
but I smiled and thought of Becky and Lou as I know how much they love
all things Anne.

last week I got together with a group of ladies
I used to go away with every summer

we would rent a cottage at the beach
and proceed to make memories

one of the girls is turning the big 50 tomorrow
so we went to her place ~ had a little pot luck dinner
and made some more memories ~ these were taken at her place

I have also been working on my little space in the basement
it is not complete yet but Trev hung my shelves last weekend
so I am fluffing and organizing and hanging pictures

I love how my little corner turned out!
once I get it all fluffed and puffed ~ I will do a complete reveal

Yesterday we were up early and packed in the car to go to 
Canada's largest outdoor flea market

the best neighbours ever came with us again this year
and after 5 1/2 hours we were tired and sunburnt
and ready to go home

it was a gorgeous day but that sun was hot
and stuff was expensive this year
anything worth getting was very pricey so I did not get much
but I did pick up this book for $5 ~ it was one of my favourites as a child
and I cannot wait to read it again as an adult

I am on vacation now til after labour day
so we have lots lined up to do which include
some cooking

hanging out on the deck enjoying my new fun lights that I got on sale

finishing this book and reading a couple more

enjoying my flowers ~ this phlox is "David" a favourite for sure

there are also day trips planned, lunches and shopping trips booked
a family get together, a concert and a seafood feast
I promise I will be back sooner than later

Have a great week!