Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This is August...

it is Tuesday morning after a long weekend
and I am sitting here going through the pictures I took this weekend
while we were at the cottage

we could not have ordered nicer weather

we had company with us this time around as thebestneighboursever
joined us on Saturday and Sunday
we had a blast ~ we really did

after supper Saturday night we walked the old road and then came
back up the beach ~ the dogs were in their happy zone
and we were looking for beach glass and heart shaped rocks

I love the old cottages on the shoreline ~ there are not many left
but the ones that are there make me smile

Saturday night we had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows
it was a great day

Sunday after brunch we all piled into the truck as I wanted to take them
down to Slack's Cove ~ it is such a beautiful spot
and should you not share your favourite places so others can enjoy them too?

this is Cathy & Colin

it was also our anniversary so Trev had bought me some roses
I could not bare to leave them home so I brought them with me
he still makes my heart happy

on Monday they were calling for a chance of thunder showers
all around us ~ I could not get enough of the clouds
big white puffy pieces of cotton all around us

I could hear thunder off in the distance a few times
but we never got any rain at all

hammock time was the plan for Monday 
while I wandered around with my camera

so with coffee in hand ~ I am planning my day
extra days off do not come around that often ~ so I want to make sure
that I fit in as much as I can

vacation is not far away so I will keep my eye on that prize!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend
and to my friends in Canada ~ I hope you had a safe and happy
long weekend.



Leslie Harris said...

Lori thank you for all these glimpses of your getaway. You selected some perfect shots and I felt like I was right there too. Your hammock looks so inviting... although I would need my book to read instead of nap.
I'm so glad you're having fun.

Cathi said...

That looks and sounds like it was an absolutely perfect weekend. It reminded me when we used to spend our summers with my dads family in Nebraska, they all have cabins at the lake and our days were just like yours - all kinds of wonderful! So glad that you had a fabulous anniversary and such gorgeous flowers to enjoy too! Like you, my guy still makes my heart sing too! Have a beautiful week, lovely lady! xxoo

Delena said...

Lori, such beautiful photos and I almost felt like I was there walking around with you! We have had a a cold rainy summer. Now it feels like fall already. It is what it is and maybe next summer we will bask in the sun.....

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful pictures! You can also see some beautiful pictures at vermontwildflowerfarm.com .

Unknown said...

You have a fabulous get-away, and I loved taking the tour! Thanks so much, and a belated "Happy Anniversary" to you!