Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lazy Hazy Week-end

It's Sunday afternoon
the treats are by the door
I have not had the energy to do a thing all week-end

I woke up Friday with the sniffles
and swollen glands

Saturday morn brought a full on 
Seven Dwarfs Syndrome

as I was Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey....
well you get the picture

so I did not get my pumpkin carved
or my cookies baked

I had big plans to start a project
and that did not happen either

I was itching to try this recipe
but alas ~ it was not meant to be

We missed 2 parties last night

I did not see Sambo

I am having a little pity party over here
and want my Fairy God Mother to swoop in
clean my house 
do everything I did not do
this week-end.  
Yeah ~ I don't think that will happen!

I should go see if I can make something other than toast to eat
for supper before all the ghosts and goblins arrive at the door.

Hope you had a safe and happy Halloween
and I promise to be back with a more cheerful post
later this week.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Pump(kin) Me Up


yes ~ tis the week-end that many look forward to
this event to me is like meh ~ whatever

don't get me wrong
I love, love, love seeing the kids
all dressed up
greeting them at the door
all those eyes staring up with their bags held open

but to do a lot of decorating
or planning on what to wear
it has not been one of those things I am into

I did get a pumpkin
and will be carving it tomorrow

the treats are bought
and I pray for nice weather on Sunday

this has been such a busy week
and I am tired

I hope I am not too tired to roast my pumpkin seeds!

I actually had a fabulous week
I got my hair all chopped off on Tuesday night
it is short ~ really short

then on Wednesday night 
I met up with a couple of old friends
and we had a wonderful dinner and conversation

I love catching up with these girls

then I went to a farewell party
dropped into a local pub to wish a friend well

then last night I went to the dentist
then off to close my jewelry party

and I cannot wait to get that order
I got some really nice things!

tonight I am taking a breather
will watch some tv
and become one with my couch

the week-end will be busy as well
got some things on my to do list

if I actually follow through on one of them
I will tell you all about it next week!

Thank You
for all the wonderful comments on yesterday's post
wasn't all that colour just fun!

I wish everyone a wonderful week-end 
and the best Halloween ever!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Leaves Are Falling

Yesterday morning the sun was shining
it was a crisp clear day

the perfect time to get my rear in gear
and get some shots
before all the leaves blew off the trees

I was both surprised and heartbroken
as I think I was a tad bit too late

don't get me wrong
there are still gorgeous colors out there to enjoy
but I think there was a bit more variety last year

I found not much red at all
a lot of yellow and some orange

we can blame our warmer than normal fall
temps for that ~ so I will take the warmer weather
please and thank you!

we are very fortunate to live so close to the city 
but have the country a stone's throw away also
driving a few miles in either direction of our house
you come upon farms and fields

we are blessed

first I drove west
up river a bit

this is Upper Coverdale United Church
it is our sister church ~ the same minister does both services
and the summer services are held here one month
and at Trinity the other ~ it is a nice old country church
with plenty of character

looping around the Niagara Road
I then headed west

that's Lower Coverdale Baptist Church
in the distance...

had to stop for the cows
they take me back to my childhood

off in the distance is one of the bigger farms
in our area

a little inlet that shoots off from the river
and another farm in the distance

this is one of New Brunswick's many covered bridges
most are closed now but still standing

I have always wanted to head out one day and just drive
to all the different ones in the area

I just never seem to make the time ~ or take the time

Oh ~ and if you are wondering...

I did not make it to the market on Saturday

I did stay in my jammies til about noon

then did nothing all day except 

~ a load of laundry  
~ baked a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
~ caught up on all my recorded shows
~ prepared an incredible baked ham dinner and scallop potatoes
~ caught up on my blog reading
~ ate carrot cake and drank tea

Hoping you all had a great week-end
and a fabulous Monday!