Monday, October 25, 2010

The Leaves Are Falling

Yesterday morning the sun was shining
it was a crisp clear day

the perfect time to get my rear in gear
and get some shots
before all the leaves blew off the trees

I was both surprised and heartbroken
as I think I was a tad bit too late

don't get me wrong
there are still gorgeous colors out there to enjoy
but I think there was a bit more variety last year

I found not much red at all
a lot of yellow and some orange

we can blame our warmer than normal fall
temps for that ~ so I will take the warmer weather
please and thank you!

we are very fortunate to live so close to the city 
but have the country a stone's throw away also
driving a few miles in either direction of our house
you come upon farms and fields

we are blessed

first I drove west
up river a bit

this is Upper Coverdale United Church
it is our sister church ~ the same minister does both services
and the summer services are held here one month
and at Trinity the other ~ it is a nice old country church
with plenty of character

looping around the Niagara Road
I then headed west

that's Lower Coverdale Baptist Church
in the distance...

had to stop for the cows
they take me back to my childhood

off in the distance is one of the bigger farms
in our area

a little inlet that shoots off from the river
and another farm in the distance

this is one of New Brunswick's many covered bridges
most are closed now but still standing

I have always wanted to head out one day and just drive
to all the different ones in the area

I just never seem to make the time ~ or take the time

Oh ~ and if you are wondering...

I did not make it to the market on Saturday

I did stay in my jammies til about noon

then did nothing all day except 

~ a load of laundry  
~ baked a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
~ caught up on all my recorded shows
~ prepared an incredible baked ham dinner and scallop potatoes
~ caught up on my blog reading
~ ate carrot cake and drank tea

Hoping you all had a great week-end
and a fabulous Monday!


Kim said...

Thanks Lori, for reminding me that we ARE blessed. Love all your photos of the fall leaves and colors, and the cows:) I agree with you about the leaves compared to last year.

Your blog is my daily dose of color and loveliness...makes my day:)

kimberly at mimicharmante said...

What a perfectly gorgeous Autumn day! I love love love this time of year~
Today it is blustery here but I love these days too. Perfect for nesting~
Have a wonderful week my friend,

Mikal said...

I love taking drives with my sweet DB. I need to remember to bring my camera though! :)

I found something I want to send you... can you email me your address?

Have a beautiful week!

Tara said...

ohhh...wishing for some carrot cake and hot tea. Sounds lovely. Storm has come in and I think that will bring the last of the leaves down. I don't like how fleeting it is. Beautiful pictures...

Liz said...

Fall is my most favorite season, so beautiful!!

Cheyenne said...

NB?! My dream, DREAM, I tell ya, is to visit the East Coast. We were booked to go when I found out I was pregnant with my babe and we had to stick around home...

Someday I will visit your land of wonders. Your pictures are just GORGEOUS!