Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sealed With a Kiss...

I told you all about one of my besties here

 well Saturday was the wedding
and what a time we had!

their invitation was unique ~ different
but oh so cool

the sun was shining ~ there was a cool breeze
well more like a cold wind
but no rain ~ a perfect day for a wedding!

this is my corsage as Kim and I passed out the programs
at the ceremony

we piled into the limo on route for pictures
and I caught Shigeki looking down
"what's that shiny thing??!!"

too funny

this was the place we went for pictures
it was beautiful

I stayed back and let the photographer do his thing

this is Darren ~ aka the Best Man and the bride's brother

there were touches of cherry blossoms throughout the 
reception venue and Andrea told the story of how they met
during her thank you speech

the cake was gorgeous and delicious

little touches ~ it is all about the little things

the girls ~ Vickie & Tanya looking lovely 

the master of ceremonies Jeff and the "Better Man" Steve
another brother of the bride

we laughed so much ~ this family is fantastic
some of my favorite people ever

this is Andrea's parents ~ Allyson & Jack
they are a super couple


Spending the night with some of my best friends
was the greatest time

Andrea, Kim, Lori and I all met when we worked together
we became fast friends
we were single together ~ partied together
traveled together
laughed together and cried together

this is Kim and her husband Pat

Lori with her husband Brian

and then Trevor and I

these were taken at the end of the night ~ I think we held up pretty well!

the Father ~ Daughter dance
and yes I cried ~ the song was beautiful
they dance to 
"I Loved Her First" 
by Heartland

then we danced ~ and boy did we dance!

this dance is a tradition
we did "the hitchhiker" to the song
"Knock on Wood"
we have done it at all of our weddings
and Andrea's was the last
so glad we could all be there to do it!

me ~ after a couple and having a very good time!

Sunday I slept in ~ and my knees still hurt from dancing
I am getting old!

so here are the Mr. & Mrs
and I could not be happier for them!

Happy Wednesday!


this free bird said...

I absolutely love the invite - the entire day looks like it was FAB!!

You go girl! I see ya with your couple!! (ps-i still need to do that post!)


Unknown said...

Oh Lori, it sounds wonderful! I can just feel how much you love these people :)

Love their invitation, great idea.

Giggling about your knees hurting...sounds like it was worth it tho :) xx

Joyce said...

Looks like a wonderful time and a beautiful day! xo

Mikal said...

You are so beautiful and lovely!
Glad you had a great time, dancing and weddings are two of my favorite things!

Happy day to you!


Cathi said...

I love, love, love that wedding invitation - so creative!!

That looks like a fabulous wedding and I love that you four had a dance that you did at all of your weddings!

Oh boy, do I know about hurting after dancing all night..for me usually it's my feet though. (I am one of those people that never leaves the dance floor....much to my kids embarassment at times...haha..)

Great post, Lori and Congrats to your friends - much happiness to them! xxoo :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
What a wonderful wedding and I can feel through the photographs that everyone had a great time.
I,too love the photo of you all doing the hitchiker !!
I always dance all night at weddings and the bit I hate is when they put all of the lights on at the end and my face is the colour of beetroot !!!! haha
You are looking fabulous too. Are you still losing weight ? You have done so well.
Oh, and the bridesmaids dresses are so pretty and so unusual. XXXX

Style, She Wrote said...

The setting, cake, bridesmaid dresses -- everything is lovely! Congratulations to your friend!

Delena said...

What a unique wedding invitation.
I love the 4 girl dance picture. Isn`t it a hoot when you can laugh and dance enjoying the moment!