Friday, October 29, 2010

Pump(kin) Me Up


yes ~ tis the week-end that many look forward to
this event to me is like meh ~ whatever

don't get me wrong
I love, love, love seeing the kids
all dressed up
greeting them at the door
all those eyes staring up with their bags held open

but to do a lot of decorating
or planning on what to wear
it has not been one of those things I am into

I did get a pumpkin
and will be carving it tomorrow

the treats are bought
and I pray for nice weather on Sunday

this has been such a busy week
and I am tired

I hope I am not too tired to roast my pumpkin seeds!

I actually had a fabulous week
I got my hair all chopped off on Tuesday night
it is short ~ really short

then on Wednesday night 
I met up with a couple of old friends
and we had a wonderful dinner and conversation

I love catching up with these girls

then I went to a farewell party
dropped into a local pub to wish a friend well

then last night I went to the dentist
then off to close my jewelry party

and I cannot wait to get that order
I got some really nice things!

tonight I am taking a breather
will watch some tv
and become one with my couch

the week-end will be busy as well
got some things on my to do list

if I actually follow through on one of them
I will tell you all about it next week!

Thank You
for all the wonderful comments on yesterday's post
wasn't all that colour just fun!

I wish everyone a wonderful week-end 
and the best Halloween ever!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lori,
Well, I've never been that enthusiastic about Hallowe'en as, us Brits always celebrate Guy Fawkes night, but, Hallowe'en is becoming more and more popular. As our children are grown up, we don't really do much but, I always have sweets etc in case any little ones happen to knock on our door.
Have a lovely sounds a very full one. XXXX

Farmgirl Paints said...

Have a nice relaxing weekend girlie. And I want a pic of that new do:)

Mikal said...

Yes, we need pics!

"One with the couch"... I want to do that SO bad! The light is shinging about 8 days out... maybe then I'll have some time.

Hope the weekend is full of smiles for you!


Cathi said...

You definitely deserve to be "one with the couch", with that busy week you had!! Sounds like a fun week, though! Have a nice and relaxing weekend, Lori..I, too am not much on Halloween,especially since my kids are grown. I am not even going to be home this year, but am getting a few little baskets to drop off at our neighbors for their kids! Much love to you! xxoo :)

LuLu said...

rest and enjoy the weekend!!! Happy Halloween to YOU, i'm passing out candy sending my hubby out with the chickadees.

KIm said...

you've inspired me with these year I'm definitely going to have my own pumpkin patch....and I want to have a fireplace, just so I can fill it with pumpkins!

Happy Halloween:)

Rhiannon Bosse said...

OH my goodness so many beautiful pumpkins!!! I love em all :) xo