Friday, July 31, 2009

Girls Week-end

I was fortunate enough to have *company* from Thursday night until this past Wednesday morning. She is the person I call my best girl ever. I love her to pieces and although we live 1000 miles apart ~ whenever we see each other it is like it was yesterday. I dare say we know everything about one another ~ well almost everything!

While she was here we had a couple of family get togethers ~
Saturday we had a BBQ and the whole clan was here.

These are the cousin's ~ enjoying a beverage or two or three...

My brother has had a rough time of late and is using a walker right now so we
"pimped his ride"
complete with a basket, a horn, a light, a rear view mirror, a drink holder
and some streamers to complete the look!

We set up the bar ~ blender drinks galore along with some Jello shots for fun!

Strawberry Daiquiris were the fav of the day....

Molly was plum tuckered out as she had so many people to pay attention to her ~ she finally gave up and pulled up her own chair to catch some zzz's.

Sunday we went to my cousin's place and along with more beverages and BBQ
we played a friendly game of washer toss...

If you have not played this game ~ it is F*U*N!!

We of course did some shopping and went to see....
I highly recommend it ~ we thought it was hilarious!!!

All in all ~ we had a wonderful time together ~
reminisced about old times and made some new memories.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Gift Wrapped Life ~ Giveaway

Sande over at A Gift Wrapped Life is celebrating her 100th post and is having a giveaway! Head on over and see her delightful blog.

Isn't is just the sweetest little gift ~ reminds me of a chocolate bar wrapped in yummy!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Bonny Good Day

I was lucky enough to have my favorite girl ~ Gina ~ here since last Thursday
and we caught up on some much needed girl time.
I know I am biased but she is a wonderful person, kind heart, a great Mom and
just has a way about her that makes everyone love her.

So after staying up way to late on Thursday night sharing a bottle of wine and lots of conversation, on Friday we got our butts out of bed and prepared for the day.
We took a little Road trip to Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.
Our destination was a little pottery place called Sara Bonnyman Pottery.

Gina ~ Dianne ~ Lori

The self portrait is not the greatest.... oh well!
Cousin Dianne also joined us so our duo became a trio.

We got into Tata around 1 pm and met one of Gina's friends for lunch at The Chowder House:

This is such a quaint little town so we explored a bit up the main street after lunch, browsing in the shops and such...

But of course, we were here for a reason so off we went to find the pot of gold at the end of Gina's rainbow.....

I love how you can go right into her studio and see how she works.....

There were CD's everywhere ~ stacks and stacks
Inspiration at it's best

I fell *in love* with these jugs ~ are they not fabulous or what!

When we got home I realized that I did not get a picture of the main showroom!
Oops ~ big oops!

This is her "back room"This is the blueberry pottery that Gina collects.....

off the main showroom
this is right inside the front door....

I LOVE these ~ why I did not buy one ~ I kick myself now!

When we left Sara's the sky opened up ~ but we still made a stop at the bakery ~
well worth the stop although my thighs may disagree!

We also stopped in Pugwash at the Seagull Pewter store ~ left the camera in the car.

Since we were on the Sunrise Trail in the pouring rain...
Being the crazy girls that we are
We HAD to pull over and take one of these....All in all it was a "Bonny Good Day"

Gina bought:
3 pieces to add to her collection

And because I had to leave with something ~

I bought:
Although I wish now I had of bought one of those little hens!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Raining Again....

It is raining again ~
Seems like we have had more rain than sun here lately
some days it just gets you down....
So I need something to wake me up and get me going ~

The sun would be nice

flowers from my garden

and maybe one of these....

But wait ~ those are for the week-end ~ remember??

OK then ~ I guess I will settle for

Monday, July 20, 2009

Road Trip

One of the things that I am planning when Gina is here is a road trip to a place I know she will love. About 12 years ago I took her to a little gift shop here in town and she fell in love with this pottery:
Images found here

On each of her visits east, she picks out a piece to take home. Since the potter is local ~ well local to Atlantic Canada, I was able to visit her shop a few years back and knew that on one of Gina's visits I would have to take her there. So on Friday, we will head out to the little town of Tatamagouche, NS.

Then on our way back we will go to Pugwash and go here:

They have the best little "sale" room ~ discontinued pieces at a fraction of the retail price ~ gotta love a sale!

Of course on Friday night I plan on partaking in some of these...
and even maybe a couple of these:
Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Girls Week-end Preparations

I am so excited because on Thursday night my best girl is flying in for a little get-away. My best girl is my cousin Gina ~ we live 1000 miles apart, but know that if we needed each other we would be there in a heartbeat. Our grandfather used to call us two peas in a pod and he was a very wise man. Though lots of laughter and many tears we may have lived far apart but are always very close in heart.

Back in the day when we were both young and carefree, she would come down every summer and sometimes I would make it up to Ontario too so we would see each other at least once a year, if not twice. Then life happened ~ marriage and children ~ you know ~ life and traveling became harder and more costly. So when we do get a chance to get together, we jump at it.

Last year she flew down and on Friday night we did this ~ yes I still have a working turntable:

Saturday we went to the market then back to the house for some of these:

And had a BBQ with some of our peeps and had some more of these:

This is our cousin Dianne ~ she enjoys these as much as we do!

Then too many of those led us to the living room which led to a little air guitar:
my brother Gord getting in on the fun

On Sunday night we had chick flick and pedi night:

Of course we did much, much more....then all too soon we had to say good-bye at the airport:
I think this was before the ugly cry!

So you can see we always have loads of fun together. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for this year and will share them this week. I have already put her favorite sheets on the bed in the guest room and rearranged the closet. I am also compiling a CD of fav songs of the past for our week-end that includes some Bob Seger, David Bowie & Bon Jovi.

I cannot wait!