Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Ramblings

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope that the week-end was good to all of you

I feel like I never stopped
I did of course
but let's just say
Sunday night I was in my jammies by 8
and to bed early

our shopping excursion on Friday was a success
many, many sales to be had
and we finished in record time.

We were late getting to the retirement dinner
but not too late to have a few of these

and play catch up.


Saturday was home day...

the past few years I have been taking out 
my decorations in stages

one week-end I unpack all my dishes and kitchen stuff

Christmas 2009

I really tend to go overboard
as I have glasses and dishes
serving pieces and I get them out and 
wash them all up

I used to do it all at the same time
but I was exhausted when I was done

so this way is easier for me

this week was all the hard work
next week will be fluffing and making it all pretty.

Sunday was shopping today
9 stops ~ including the grocery store

now to sit and do my cards
and mail my parcels

I will be writing cards listening to this

it is my absolute favorite Christmas album
and Mom still has the original
on vinyl baby!

in Grade 6 ~ 3 of us sang
Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me
we had a dance and everything

I still love it!

My favorite song on the album is

I think it is timeless.

It snowed here on Saturday
so the spirit is in my heart 
and although I have only just begun
and there is still much to do
I smile as my favorite time of the year
is here...

What is your favorite Christmas song or album?

yes ~ I do want to know....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

This morning I sit here wishing
I was able to head to the states
and shop til I drop

but I sit here in my pj's
planning my last vacation day of the year

I have a date this afternoon
with two lovely ladies

taken summer 2010
of course my date is with
Kat & Sam

we are heading out after school
for our annual Christmas shopping trip

maybe we will buy something black
to celebrate Black Friday!

Tonight we are off to the local brew pub
for a retirement party

then tomorrow I am going to start to 
"deck the halls"

I made it to the store
and my quilt was still there

Once I get the bedroom all put together 
I will take some shots and post them.

the winner of the bracelet is:

Tara from
Email me!

Have a fabulous week-end everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Chocolaty Goodness


I have been having dreams
maybe they are nightmares
of chocolaty goodness
so I had to share

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Just a reminder
you have until midnight on Thursday
to enter the giveaway here

I will announce the winner on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my buddies
in the USA tomorrow!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Ramblings and a Giveaway

Good morning Monday
you came rather quickly much to my dismay

this week-end flew by
I look back on it and try to piece it all together

by the time Friday night comes
I am toast

Saturday was busy 
as I knew it would be

I attempted to get the upstairs put back together
and I am happy to report that besides some filing
the office is almost livable again

Cooper got a haircut

I really do not like doing this in the colder months
but it is needed
even the groomer said
she has not seen a coat as thick as his.

I got some shopping done
and stopped to pick up some beverages on the way home
and was quite excited to find this ~

I tried it at the wine festival
and fell in love
it is from Germany and it is really good.

Sunday I headed out to run errands 
and go back and get a quilt I had seen on Saturday

I drove through hoards and gobs of traffic
only to find that they were CLOSED on a Sunday

no ~ really??!!

I will not be able to get back out to that area until Thursday night
as they are only open til 6 ~ M-W
and I work until 6
is this some divine intervention
we will see.....

a shop that was open was my favorite cupcake spot
so I bought 6 and as I type this
I have eaten 1 1/2
I think that is good ~ no?

chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting =
pure heaven

I did dig out my cards yesterday
and sorted through some things ~ gifts that I have already purchased

this week will be a hunker down and get busy week
I have Friday off ~ my last vacation day of the year
so I will enjoy my 4 day work week.

Now to my giveaway....

a month or so ago
I had a jewelry party
Lia Sophia has some beautiful stuff
and when I placed my order
I found something I thought I would share
with all of you

it is a bracelet ~ "Charade"
I love the vintage look of it

All you have to do to win this beauty is:

1. Leave me a comment
2. Be a follower of this blog
and you can have a 3rd chance to win if you
3. Post or link this giveaway on your blog

Make sure you leave one comment for each
and I will draw the winner on 
Friday ~ Nov. 26th

Thank you for all the lovely comments 
and birthday wishes for Gina
I neglected to tell you that she was my cousin
but more like a sister
and as you can tell
means the world to me.

Good luck on the giveaway and have a fantastic week.