Monday, November 8, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

It has been raining here 
pretty much non-stop
since Friday

so on Sunday we could not put it off any longer
and headed to the cape
to close up the cottage

water laying everywhere
the ground is saturated

this is on the way down

so glad we had the truck!

the old driveway 

I walked the perimeter

I could not get over how much water was just laying on 
top of the ground

Trev put up the shutters and we stripped the beds
gathered the food
did all the fun stuff that comes along with 
saying goodbye to another season

Mom updated the journal
and then we headed back home

this is another spot we went through on the drive

no that is not a lake
if you look about mid picture
near the top
that is a stop sign
yes ~ that is a road!

so glad that was not the road home!

Part of our main road in town was closed
we had to detour around more water

the leaves are pretty much gone here
and clogging the drains 
so there is a lot of flooding all over our area

we arrived home damp and tired out
but warmed up and settled in for the night.


The wine festival was fabulous
I cannot believe I have never gone before
there were over 80 booths
no pictures ~ too many people
and too many wines to try in 3 short hours!

I finally made the recipe I wanted to try on Saturday
it was yummy ~ check it out here

Trev jets off tonight for Phillidelphia
he is on course until Friday
so although I will miss him
I will enjoy my girly time

Hope everyone had a great week-end.



Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

That is a lot of water!!! It is bittersweet to close up our summer cabins and cottages for the winter... but the promise of what is to come next summer makes the effort worthwhile! Enjoy your girly time! :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wowza! We had a flood here this fall too. Closed some roads for a few weeks. It was a pain.

Cathi said...

Yikes, now that is ALOT of water...Glad you didn't get flooded yourself. That wine show sounds wonderful! Enjoy your girly time - I love that too when I get a bit of time to myself! xxoo :)

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Wow, so much rain. I have to admit, I am a little bit jealous - I love the rain and we just don't get enough of it here. Although, that looks like it may be a little dangerous. Glad you had fun at the wine fair, so neat to try all the different flavors :)

Chiara said...

That last picture is crazy!!! Doesn´t even look like a road....
Lovely rainboots though.

Cheyenne said...

EEEEeeeeeeek! That is a pile of water!

Recaptured Charm said...

WHOA! That's some severe weather. We've been SO lucky lately, it's been dry, clear and mild. Well at least you've got the cutest boots to trudge around
Hope you're doing well Lori!

this free bird said...

HOLY MOSES Lori - that's a LOT of water!! Girl I hope you had your waterwings and all kinds of flotation devices nearby. Yikes!!

I've missed visiting you. Been in the woods and under the bridge at work (so grateful I have some). Hope you are well and keeping dry, my friend. Love your yellow jacket and snazzy wellies:)

ps-peanut butter cups!! run don't walk...lori they are beyond expectation. let me know if anything in the directions is unclear. totally worth it!

Lou said...

Wow Lori that is alot of water!! It was the same here but for just one day. I got home from work to find the house surrounded with puddles/mini floods. We even had ducks visit! Lou x