Monday, November 15, 2010


Oh ~ the holiday shopping season has arrived I think

I will warn you now
this is not a post full of pretty pictures
or kind words

it is a little vent...

yesterday ~ like every Sunday
I headed to the grocery store
I was not in a foul mood or rushed in any way

 I was checking things off my list
and checking out the sales
when a cart hit me from behind

thinking it was someone I knew
that was just horsing around ~ trying to get my attention

I turned around with a smile
and saw this little old lady
and she was not from Pasadena ~ veering around me
without a sorry or excuse me

now I am usually quite tolerant
I do respect my elders
after all
my generation was raised to do that

but I was quite perturbed when this happened
so I shrugged it off and kept on my way

fast forward 15 minutes or so and
now I am in the check out line
and I will admit
I try my best to get in a line without a 12 year old
ringing through the purchases
but yesterday I did not do that

I know they are not 12
but I think when I was 16 or 17
I knew better than to put bread and milk
in the same bag
just saying...

I had my first job at 16 and I know I was not giving
gold standard customer service by a long shot
 but I did not sigh when I was waiting on my customer
and ask them what time it was

after I was all rung through
and heading out to the parking lot
I see a man that made his own spot
so I shake my head and roll my eyes.....

I get into my car and get to thinking
the Christmas shopping season has not even started yet
and people are tearing around with no regards to 
the people around them

I feel I am fortunate
I do not have to go from store to store 
looking for the latest coolest must have toy
because I have 4 legged kids

my buy for list is relatively small

I do not have to travel far to spend time
with my family

so I made a deal with myself 
that I will treat others with respect
while we head out into the hustle and bustle
this holiday season

 thanks for listening!


Donna said...

Sorry, you made me smile today!! All my same pet peeves!! Good job writing about it sentiments exactly!!

Joyce said...

I like how you were able to turn your experience at the store into a positive one and a reminder to us all. Thank you! xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh girl I hear ya. What is wrong with people during the holidays?? I feel like it's begun here already too.

Cathi said...

That is a definite pet peeve of mine anytime of the year, but when it comes to the holidays I always try to have extra patience and stay calm. Every now and then I will put my 2 cents in when people cross a line with me (my daughter gets extremely horrified when I do this however...haha....)

I try to shop in the early hours so as not to have alot of lines to wait in or miles to walk from parking the car. My list is pretty small these days, and I truly don't even have to enter a mall to get it done. Sometimes I can't help but torture myself though...haha...

Great food for thought Lori!! Have a gorgeous day! xxoo :)

this free bird said...
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this free bird said...

this is enough to remind me to get my bitch ass on the internet and start ordering. i'm no good in a crowd and that old lady might've heard from me. just sayin'

i do love an old lady, but not when they clip me without an apology or, better yet, butt in front of the bf in line at the grocery after he's been waiting for 45 minutes and then when called out turn and tell him to GROW UP IT'S ONLY A FEW THINGS>>>>oh hell yes she did

i feel a blog brewing

long live four legged children!!

oh and my mother's being a biz again so i guess it's holidays in cali solo again this year. happy holidaaaaaze, ha-a-ppy ho-li-daze!! thanks bing or dean or whoever that was.

you can tell i'm on a roll today lori!

this free bird said...

ps i had a typo so had to remove the first one...sorry if there's even more in the second! hehe


Mikal said...

I couldn't have said it better!

Don't work in retail if you can't be cheery! This is when "fake it until you make it" would really be a good mantra! LOL

I'm thinking of making my girls and I Tiaras to wear on Black Friday when we shop (Tiara Friday) just to make people smile and remember to have fun. I just have to get my girls on board... that WILL be a challenge! :)