Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Snow

As January was bidding adieu
we got hit with a whopper of a snowstorm
on Friday.

the roads were treacherous

it is the only word
that really described
where they were not covered with snow
was covered in ice
it was not an enjoyable
ride home from work!

Saturday morning we awoke to sunshine
but bitter cold
so we all bundled up
and headed outside

doesn't she look cute in her red sweater!

this one reminded me of a big snow cone...

the snow was beautiful ~ clinging to everything

and I am pleased to say
that my project of the month
is completed!

it is straight knitting
and I finished it off with a fringe
it goes great with my new coat


it makes me happy!

I have another little project to share
but will wait til next week...

Hope everyone has
a wonderful week!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 2

Tonight I walked into the meeting
with a spring in my step

I thought I had a fantastic week
I moved...

maybe not as much as I could have
but I did m o v e

I was slightly disappointed
when she said

-1 pound

then I thought
a pound is a lot

pick up a pound of butter
so I will not be discouraged
but I will try harder

next week is another week


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This past week-end was pretty wonderful

it was one that I have been looking forward to
for about 2 months

as one of my favorite bands ever
was coming to town
and this time I was getting a chance to go!

Blue Rodeo has been here
many times before
but I have never had the opportunity
to go until this time...

I have loved this band for long time

They are a Canadian country rock band
and the first time I heard them
I fell in love

that was back in 1987 and their song "Try"

Jim Cuddy is my absolute favorite
he is an all around nice guy
he really is

he shares lead vocals with
bandmate Greg Keelor

I have way too many favorites to choose just one
and although they played quite a few
off their new album
they pleased the crowd with old favorites too

Rain Down on Me

Give them a listen
and let me know what you think

don't worry about hurting my feelings
if you don't like them
because I am in love with Jim
and I won't be swayed.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Knitting 101

When I was about 10 or 12 years old
my grandmother tried
to teach me how to knit

and I could only knit
not pearl...


nice girl ~ not very bright!

so I could only knit a scarf
and then she would laugh at me
because I would gain stitches
or lose them

so after Christmas
when I said I was going to do
a project a month
one of the things I said I would do
was to knit a scarf
to match my new jacket

now it is not fancy
and not yet complete
but I am doing it...

mind you I cannot remember how to cast off
I will have to go visit Mom and get that lesson!

This is one of my favorite pictures
of Gram & I

I miss her everyday
but not what she left behind.

"When someone you love
becomes a memory

the memory
becomes a treasure"

Author Unknown


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 1

Tonight I am doing
a little happy dance

Week 1 Weigh-in

and I am down

4.6 pounds

I know that the first week you usually lose
a big chunk of weight

but I am happy just the same.

Maybe this week I will treat myself
to one of these...

Until next time...


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


is taking the first step
even when you can't see
the whole staircase

Martin Luther King Jr.

I saw this quote on Sunday
and it touched me

I was sitting in a restaurant
waiting for an order to take to Mom
and it was written on a little recipe card
stuck in the top of the condiment rack

I grabbed my grocery list
flipped it over
pen out of ink
highlighter it is
and wrote it down

I should have posted it yesterday
but better late than never


Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes ~ The Red Carpet

I love watching the red carpet
seeing all the gowns

so along with Simone over here
I decided to choose some favorites

My favorite color is red
so when I saw this shot of
Maria Menounus
I just had to include it.

I adored Kate Hudson's dress
and she is just so poised
loving it!

I did not really care for her shoes
but she pulled it off

I was so happy when
Julianne Margulies won for The Good Wife
which is one of my must see shows
loved her dress too!

Jennifer always looks stunning
and Gerard is the perfect accessory

they look like they are having so much fun!

beautiful Anna Kendrick

Heidi and Seal looking smashing as usual

Loving this shot of Sandra Bullock
with her hubby Jesse James

Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress was
very pretty

More of my favs are over here
so go and check her out if you have
not already been there!

and a big shout out to
The Hangover
how yummy is Bradley Cooper!

Have a wonderful week
and thank you to all
that sent encouraging words
over the week-end.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starting Today...

I am fat

yeah ~ I said it
I put it out there

taken January 12, 2010

I need to lose
a lot
of weight

hitting the scale
was scary
but I knew...

I joined Weight Watchers
in 2006
and stuck with it a year

and lost a total of about
25 pounds
guess I was not trying very hard

but you know what

I went back

on Thursday night

and rejoined.

I also kept my tracker
from the last time I was there
which was January 2007

and I have gained
4 pounds
since I quit

I almost did the happy dance
only 4 pounds
in 3 years

it told me a couple of things
I have changed my eating habits

I have become a label reader

I have a better awareness of what I put in my mouth

so although I am not happy
with the number on the scale
I am happy and feel it will be easier
this time around

I also know that I have to
get my butt off the couch
away from the TV
and the computer

I know it will be hard

but for an hour each day
I will be in a zone
anything but sitting

I know I can do it...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Heart is Heavy

Tonight my heart is heavy

the devastation in Haiti
has hit close to home

we have lost
a local RCMP officer
that was
working with the UN

it was confirmed tonight
and although I did not know him personally
I have a lump in my throat
and tears burning the backs of my eyes

he was home for Christmas
and just flew back down
on Saturday...

RIP Sgt Mark Gallagher
may God hold you
and comfort your family


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shades of Gray


it is not my favorite month
by a long shot

it is cold
and snowy
and icy
and the skies are gray
more than they are blue

some grays can be nice
loving this shot of the Eiffel tower

this is more than likely a November shot
but I really liked it

the touch of blue in this shot
is perfect

I could fill this up
and have a nice soak
with a good book of course


the wallpaper brings
that touch of outside ~ in


With awards season
coming into full swing
I have borrowed from Simone
and found some favorites...

I love this dress
I really do

Maris Tomei at the 2009 Oscars

Eva Longoria
my hubby's favorite squeeze

Kate Winslet
2009 Oscars

maybe some pearls

and don't forget the shoes

and because she always looks stunning
in whatever she wears
Katherine Heigl
27 Dresses Premier

This week has been busy
with not nearly enough time
to catch up with all of you

I promise to play catch up soon!

Enjoy the rest of the week