Saturday, January 9, 2010

On The Hunt

This year I have decided
that I will do one project a month

there may be a month
when I will complete more than one
but this is my goal

I already have a couple of things in mind
and I have already completed one
which was too easy
I got it done

that makes me happy.

So to complete my first big project
I am on the hunt for buttons
not pick them up at the store buttons
vintage buttons

maybe even ones that have some meaning

whose grandmother did not have a tin
that looked like this?

I am recovering my chair pads
they are a charming
dusty rose floral right now
I know, I know

but there is nothing really wrong with them
other than the fabric

I looked all over for replacements
but they are all so big
and do not fit my chairs the way these ones do

so I have bought a drop cloth
it is the perfect color
at the right price I may add

and since I want to tuft the pads
I am looking for buttons...

I do have a note out to my cousin
to see if maybe just maybe
there is a tin down at the farm

if not ~ I am off to the flea market tomorrow

I will let you know how I make out
and once I start my project
I will take before and after shots
for your viewing pleasure.

Have a wonderful week-end!



Delena said...

I'm on a project mission also. Running from Sept. to Sept. I want to complete 100, I am now at 38. Fun to read your post and how craft you are !

Cathi said...

How fun, Lori...I can't wait to see the photos of before and after....Flea markets are always wonderful places to find buttons...My mom had a button box like that, as did my gram. Have a happy crafty weekend, my friend! xxoo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Don't you just love vintage buttons. Lori. I especially like the pearl ones and when you see them up to the brim, in a jar, they look wonderful. My mum used to have a tin full, just like the one you have shown.
Good luck with your search for buttons, and keep us posted on your progress. XXXX said...

Good for you you industrious girl! I can't wait to see your project a month! You should do a party for it. You are just the right hostess for a fun party like that.

Blondie's Journal said...


What is it about buttons that hold our fascination?? I get all warm inside just looking at your pictures It makes me want to create. What sort of projects are you thinking of making (other than the cushions, which sound fabulous)?

Hope you are staying warm! :-)


Christina said...

So into the buttons right now as you know. Sure hope you find some. I came across those at an antique store. Cannot wait to see your projects!

Chez Zizi said...

That is so cool, project a month. SOmeone else, I think Signs of Obsession just repainted a dresser and used retro buttons for a design.

ALso funny is that you are covering a chair with a drop cloth. Just yesterday I made a slip cover for our couch with a drop cloth. Unbelievable but I did it. It's not perfect but for a first attempt not bad. I gotta see your chair.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Goals are so good! Love your button collection:)

Kim said...

Once again you have inspired me...I'm going to try the one project a month project!