Monday, January 28, 2013

Tick Tock

If you have been here for any time at all
you know how much I love items that have been handed down to me
from family members.

this clock was at the farm for as long as I can remember
and I think Dad received it from his father back in the late 70's

they were removing the valuable pieces from the farm
before my grandparents took an apartment in the village
as my grandmother's alzheimer's was progressively getting worse

it hung in our dining room at home and eventually was moved to our rec room
as I do believe that Dad was planning on refinishing it.

The origin of the clock is that it hung in the
Windsor Hotel
in the village of Dorchester

the marks on the right hand side
as the story is told 
is from a candle as the clock hung above the mantle

it was passed on to me when Trevor and I moved in together
and although it no longer worked
I still loved it and the history it held.

Before Christmas my handsome hubby took it and had it fixed
and the glass replaced

so once again it goes tick tock tick tock

this is a shot of the hotel in it's heyday
if I remember correctly, I believe that it caught fire
and had to be levelled ~ I think it happened in the 50's or early 60's
but I am awaiting confirmation from a local historian.

Another little thing that makes me smile
and that is a good thing!

Happy Monday.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Well it's Friday
and my vacation is drawing to an end

I am feeling a little angry with myself


I did not get even half of what I wanted to do ~ done

why do I do this to myself?
do I give myself unattainable goals

I think I was in vacation mode
relaxation mode
too cold to do anything mode!

oh well ~ everything will get done eventually ~ right?


we had date night on Monday when we went to see
Blue Rodeo

they are one of my very favourite bands
so Trev got me tickets for Christmas

I was a happy girl ~ lots of smiling and singing happening

I have also been pre-planning
making lots of lists
in preparation for my recipe challenge for Feb

if you would like to join in
check it out here

if you do not feel you can do the entire month
why not plan one new recipe a week


the first day I actually ventured outside was yesterday
I took Mom to lunch and we ran some errands
it was so so cold though
it did not take us long to get what we needed done
so we could get home again!


today will be low key
maybe a couple of movies
and puttering around the house
doing little things that I did not get done this week...



I have posted this before
and needed a little reminder this week
that taking time for me is ok.

Hope you had a great week
and that your weekend is full of sunshine and smiles.


Monday, January 21, 2013

February Cooking Challenge

I have been in planning mode
gathering and making lists

from across the pond
did a challenge in November

make 30 new recipes
in 30 days
something that you have never cooked before


it is a daunting task
but in conversations with Simone later
I asked her if she was going to do it again

no ~ too much after Christmas stuff happening
so we agreed on February

shorter month ~ is that cheating ~ no!

I took Simone's original from November
and tweaked it to our tastes

I work until 6 every night
so I will do more cooking on the weekends
things that I can freeze or reheat when I get home

I am posting this early
so if you want to join in ~ please do!

Follow along with me on Instagram
you can find me @nbwildflowers

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Yahoo for Friday
especially since I start vacation at 6:00 PM sharp....

January is such a dreary month
makes you want to curl up under the blankets
eat soup ~ drink tea
and get lost in a good book


the other night on Facebook
I stumbled upon these photos ~ taken by a young girl
in Nova Scotia

I think they are gorgeous
she definitely has an eye for a good shot

I met an old friend for supper last night
we had a great chat over good food
it does not get much better than this

this is on my to make list this week-end
along with a couple of projects
and a lot of relaxing

Hope yours is a happy one.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cars, Cookies & Memories Made...

Although we have not been to
too many dealerships
test driving cars ~ listening to the "spiel"
being ignored completely by one salesman

hello ~ hello ~ I am IN on this decision
stop pretending I am not here

ok ~ you just fell off my list 
I will never ever ever ever buy a car from you

channelling my inner Taylor Swift there for a minute

so after all that we have

a new car

you really have to say that it your best
Price is Right announcer voice

picking it up in the morning
and I am very happy

Sunday I spent the day with Mom
and my girls

we goofed around and hopefully
made some new memories

I came home and made cookies
and they were so so good
I can't tell you how many I ate
but it was sinful

it really was

lots of change as I also got a new phone
and I have been having fun on Instagram

so happy to keep up with everyone in pictures!

Hope you are having a great week...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Potpourri

It has been quite a week

I did not realize until last night that I have not sat down long enough
to read any blogs ~ let alone create a post

the first of the week was snuggle weather
cuddle weather

curl up under a blanket and stay there weather

thankfully the wind chill has subsided 
and I am starting to enjoy winter
if that is even possible!


 I have always dreamed of having a little reading space like this
a nook ~ someday I will have one...


thank you for all your kind words on my last post
they mean a lot to me

last week-end I made the soup I wrote about here
it was good but I will make some changes next time

next up is this cake
I cannot wait to try it


 we have been car shopping
something I am not very fond of any time of the year
let alone in the cold days of January

I think we have found one though ~ time will tell

this week-end will be spent cleaning
and trying to get the house back in order

wish me luck!


Wishing you a warm, comfy cozy weekend.