Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Potpourri

It has been quite a week

I did not realize until last night that I have not sat down long enough
to read any blogs ~ let alone create a post

the first of the week was snuggle weather
cuddle weather

curl up under a blanket and stay there weather

thankfully the wind chill has subsided 
and I am starting to enjoy winter
if that is even possible!


 I have always dreamed of having a little reading space like this
a nook ~ someday I will have one...


thank you for all your kind words on my last post
they mean a lot to me

last week-end I made the soup I wrote about here
it was good but I will make some changes next time

next up is this cake
I cannot wait to try it


 we have been car shopping
something I am not very fond of any time of the year
let alone in the cold days of January

I think we have found one though ~ time will tell

this week-end will be spent cleaning
and trying to get the house back in order

wish me luck!


Wishing you a warm, comfy cozy weekend.



Leslie Harris said...

Lori, these are such beautiful images. I feel like any one of them could inspire a post. But especially the one about hearing a song. I'm so glad you got such warm supportive comments on your last post, you deserve them. Good luck with the house cleaning, it's a never ending job of mine.

Farmgirl Paints said...

It HAS been a week. Praying you get some of those cozy things this weekend.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I would love to have a little nook in my house, that's a great idea. A place to go. I kind of do, but it's just in front of the fire, I sprawl out on the floor and sit here to read blogs. :)

good luck with the car shopping, I know that can be frustrating. Hope you have a wonderful week, Lori!

PS. Love that quote about songs, it's so true!

Cathi said...

I hope your weekend was wonderful, Lori! I love this post full of warm and cozy things - it's been c c c cold here in LA but warming up by tomorrow thankfully! This weekend I had my bathroom painted - yippee and puttered around fixing little things round the house and just trying to stay warm! I think I will do a bit of decluttering this week as it usually needs it after the holidays! Have a fab week, my friend! xxoo