Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cars, Cookies & Memories Made...

Although we have not been to
too many dealerships
test driving cars ~ listening to the "spiel"
being ignored completely by one salesman

hello ~ hello ~ I am IN on this decision
stop pretending I am not here

ok ~ you just fell off my list 
I will never ever ever ever buy a car from you

channelling my inner Taylor Swift there for a minute

so after all that we have

a new car

you really have to say that it your best
Price is Right announcer voice

picking it up in the morning
and I am very happy

Sunday I spent the day with Mom
and my girls

we goofed around and hopefully
made some new memories

I came home and made cookies
and they were so so good
I can't tell you how many I ate
but it was sinful

it really was

lots of change as I also got a new phone
and I have been having fun on Instagram

so happy to keep up with everyone in pictures!

Hope you are having a great week...


andi said...

Oh...thanks for posting the pics of cookies with ooey-gooey chocolately chips....drrooool. LOL!

I love the Taylor Swift comment...but the question is, did you SING it? :)


Why are cookies so so good?


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
How exciting is it to get a new car !!!! Wether it's brand new or a few years old, they always smell lovely and are SO clean although it doesn't take long to change that !!!! haha.
..... and a new phone. Enjoy Instagram and , even more, enjoy the cookies ! XXXX

Unknown said...

Hope you enjoy your phone - Instagram is a lot of fun!

Cathi said...

It's so exciting getting a new car and phone- I know you are enjoying them! Sounds like you had some fabulous girl time and cookies for dessert - yum! I hope your week was wonderful and look it's almost Friday - yippee! Isn't Instagram fun - that's how I keep up with my kids goings on. Happy weekend, my friend! xxoo