Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I said on Friday that I was not going to do anything
or go anywhere on the weekend
and I stayed true to my word

I had something happen on Saturday as I was sitting out on the front porch
a little dragon fly came in ~ landed on one leg
then the other before it flew away

it made me smile 
I know I have told the story of the little dragon fly down at the cottage
and how I always say it is Dad keeping an eye on us

it touched me in a way
like being surrounded in his arms in a big hug
funny but true

so the weekend was full of

grilled cheese sandwiches ~ made perfectly
hearty lasagna soup
scrambled eggs and toast
stuffed shells with fresh crusty rolls that were squishy inside
aka bread heaven

it was full of

happy mail from a special friend
time in my craft room ~ organization complete
and now I can create

catching up on tv shows
bubble baths and a good book
more organizing in the kitchen because I wanted to
and not because I had to
magazine and blog reading
popcorn and chocolate
and many games of candy crush

plus many little play sessions with this little monkey
she sure loves her red ball
and her mama too.....

Monday, October 28, 2013

Spread the Hope

Today is breast cancer awareness day




not a lot of words ~ just some pretties
sending the message as I know we have all been touched
by this disease


it is nothing to take likely ~ so remind your mother, your sister,
your friend, your neighbour, your aunt
remind every woman you see ~ early detection is the key




and pray for those that have already been touched by it
and are fighting right now.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Friday  night and I am sitting in the office
with a dog acting as my lumbar support while I type away
and yes ~ I love when she does that
my own little living breathing heating pad after a long week at work


I swore that this weekend I was not going to promise anyone anything
it seems lately it has been go go go
and we all need to stop and breathe ~ especially since the holiday season
will be upon us before you know it

I have had some posts whirling around in my brain
will they make it to publish ~ I am unsure
but I do think they need to come out


I dropped supper off to my Mama after work
she was craving fish & chips
so her wish was my command ~ so glad when I can do these little things for her
even though I do not feel like I am spending enough time over there
daughter guilt maybe ~ yes ~ I think so



Lasagna soup on the menu for the weekend
not sure if I will make it on Sunday for dinner
or save it to have Monday

also looking at all the pumpkin recipes and 
do think those scones may be on the to bake list
but again ~ no plans
do not plan do not promise do not plan

see ~ I am not any good at this!

I want to get into my craft room ~ finish it up so I can start creating
and not feel like it is something that I have to do
I do not want another thing on my to do list

wow ~ I think I just had a little tantrum there!!



one thing I will be doing is going to get a pumpkin 
and carve it out ~ I cannot wait to see the kids on Thursday night

There has been so much going on around blogland
so I am hoping to get around to visit you this weekend
while I am lounging my days away

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Leaves are Falling....

Every day on the way to work
I check out my favourite trees

all the gorgeous colours
and trunks so big around that your arms would not stretch around them

on the weekend I promised myself that I would head out with my camera
and capture those ~ the ones I have been admiring
from afar

well the trip sadly did not happen
life got in the way

and then it rained on Sunday
I know ~ I am really good with excuses

I was sad to see that one of my favs is already naked
but a couple of other ones are still hanging in there
maybe this coming weekend.....

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Friday night ~ date night
I just got home and thought I would play a bit of catch up
we met after work and went out for dinner
it's always nice going out for a change of pace


we talked about weekend plans ~ odds and ends
how our days were ~ what to buy for who for Christmas
I like gifts to be special ~ to have that wow factor
but this year I am at a loss for just about everyone
hoping to find some inspiration soon



the sunrise this morning was beautiful and no I did not get a picture
I thought it was going to be the most beautiful day
then it seemed like I just turned around and it was pouring
at least it is still warm and better than some of the snow pics I have seen
on IG today ~ seriously ~ no ~ wayyyy to early for that for me



I met up with my bestie and her daughter who is also my God daughter on Wednesday
we had dinner ~ talked ~ laughed and planned
I love times like that


after all the gatherings last weekend I am laying low for the next couple of days
I need some time to recharge these batteries
nest ~ organize ~ create
I am looking forward to it

I have been reading along on my favourite blogs
and will be around to comment soon
I miss commenting ~ I really do


although our Thanksgiving was Monday
I had to include this little pumpkin from Leslie over at Gwen Moss
after all being thankful should not be one day.

What are you up to this weekend?
Whatever it is ~ I hope you do it with love.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Today is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada
and I don't think I have seen a nicer weekend....ever

there have been years where the sun has been shining but bitter cold

then years where it has been raining and down right miserable ~ hard to feel thankful
when the wind is howling and the rain is pelting off the windows
maybe thankful you can be inside on a day like that!

but this year was gorgeous ~ all 3 days
that my friends is almost unheard of

Saturday was spent getting things done
as Sunday we headed to the camp for turkey dinner and family time

My mother in law called me before hand and said
make sure you bring your camera ~ the big maple is beautiful

and she was beautiful ~ the leaves were so pretty 
some of them yellow, orange and red in 1 big ole maple leaf
it was hard to even capture it in a photo

today we picked up my nieces Kat and Sam
and went to Mom's for a ham dinner
the girls got into their old room and sorted through old toys
donating some ~ throwing some things away ~ and making a keepsake box for others

they also took some things home to their little sister
things she can enjoy now that they are teens and Littlest Pet Shop is not
on their things to do list any more!

It was great to see the girls and I know that Mom enjoyed the time with them as well

I made home made carrot cake with cream cheese frosting to take today
and it was so good ~ moist and just yummy
you can find the recipe here

I know that I am fortunate to have friends and family so close
sitting around full tables with a bounty of food before us 2 nights in a row
and having other options if we did not spend the weekend with family

so thanksgiving to me is not just an additional day off
although that part is nice
it is being able to gather together those that mean the most to you
share a meal ~ some stories ~ and make new memories