Sunday, March 31, 2013

Randomness Abound

It's Sunday night
and I am achy but happy

I just drove Samantha home
she really does fill my heart right up to overflowing
and it hurts me when she is sad or hurting
it must be what motherhood feels like

she is having some issues with her father
and I am her buffer ~ her safe haven
and I am glad that I can be here for her
and be the fun aunt!

we were creating first
I bought all the supplies to make these cute little necklaces before Christmas
but the time got away from us both
and we got to do them today

I am in no way a jeweller
so I am just saying that these were easy peasy
and cute to boot!

the link to the instructions are here

then I showed her what I was working on yesterday
I found it on Pinterest and thought it would look good framed
so Sammie made her list and is going to work on hers tonight

we had our dinner on Friday so the rest of the weekend was 
free and clear for us

yesterday I ran errands 
and started the makings for these rolls

I tried them last month for the cooking challenge
and I had used the wrong yeast so my dough did not rise
I am pleased to say that is rose just fine this time around
and they are delicious!  

they are time consuming but worth it
I think that I will be having one with a cup of tea soon....

today along with the fun
and finding a crocus in the side garden
we also did some priming

when the drywall guy was here last week
he asked us to put a coat of
oil based primer on the walls
so the plaster would stick to it when he comes this week
so with all the up and down with the roller
my knees are screaming at me tonight!

so that is done and dare I say
I could be painting the walls next weekend

I picked some samples up yesterday
and was leaning towards a safe colour
but I think my brave side has won
as Barleycorn Flour is the chosen one

I wish this shot showed the truer colour
but it is very pretty

it was a gorgeous weekend here
and our snow has gone down a ton

we noticed buds on the forsythia
and I know it will not be long now
as it was great to sit out on the deck in the sunshine today

I hope that everyone had the most wonderful Easter!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Ahhh ~ there is nothing better than a 4 day week



this afternoon we will head out to dinner
spending it surrounded by family
and good food



the drywall guy came yesterday
and we got our quote which I am happy to say
I was quite pleased with

so we have some prep work to do
then he will come back the end of next week
and start the work

guess I should get my butt in gear
and pick my wall colour

so excited!!



not much else planned for the weekend
other than prep work  for the room

if I can dig some of my supplies out
I may attempt to start one of my projects

time will tell



one thing I know for sure
I will recharge my batteries

and maybe eat a little bit of chocolate


but most of all I will remember
that this time off ~ which I will enjoy immensely

is not about the bunny....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Women that Made Me ~ Aunt Francie

This is my grandmother's youngest sister

she was my Aunt Francie

Christmas 1983

it was her cottage that we used to go to
and she inspired Mom & Dad to build their own
with land she sold him for $1.00

another great cook ~ a lady that loved family
and gathering everyone around the table
whether it was turkey dinner
or barbecued hamburgers

she told me stories about my grandmother
and showed me what grace looks like
when she fought breast cancer not once but twice
then it became even too big for her strength
when it took her in 1984.

she loved flowers and family
dogs ~ they always had at least 2
darts and cards ~ oh the times we had
and the memories we made

a piece of my heart will always belong to this brave woman
and memories of her will make me smile


read more of my series here

Monday, March 25, 2013

Patience is a Virtue

I am a planner
but I am also a do-er

waiting is not something that I do well
I need action and answers

so when I decided I was going to try and tackle the stucco removal
in the craft room ~ I had a plan
I could see the finish line 
the finished product so to speak

so I started gathering ~ pinning favourites
choosing colour for the walls
and thinking of ways I could use
the fabrics I already have
both vintage and new


 then taking inspiration from Becky's art room
I knew I wanted lights
and these are so cute ~ I know they will be perfect

this is the perfect project for the vintage buttons
I got from the farm ~ I can see it framed now

I love this


and taking the mini bunting idea from this pillow
using vintage fabric from the farm
and making something using an existing frame 
I already have


again taking inspiration from this photo
using pictures and quotes that I love
to make the space my own


I have so many pieces of fabric
from my grandmothers quilt box
I am hoping to use them for something like this


I also love this garland
and will be heading to the flea to look for some old sheet music
to make my own

so I need patience as we are waiting on the drywall guy
and then I need to get the carpet up
that the previous owners of the house
glued to the floor ~ yup ~ right on the cement

so until all these jobs are done
I cannot get in there to paint
and set up
then start to create all I want to do

I have finished it so many times
in bed at night while attempting to drift off to sleep
does that ever happen to you
I know it does!!

Hope you had a great weekend

the shower was perfect
it was a great day for those who had to travel
and it is always a great day 
when you are surrounded by good friends
food and conversation.

Have a great week.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Potpourri

The first day of spring came to us this week
in the form of a snowstorm


knowing it was in the forecast
I stopped and bought some spring on the way home
on Tuesday
in the form of yellow tulips ~ a great big bunch
they make me happy



the Cancer Society is also set up all over
selling daffodils ~ another favourite
so I will get a couple of bunches over the weekend

and after being without his front tooth for over a year
my handsome hubby finally got his implant on Wednesday

his smile is a little bit bigger and brighter now



on Sunday we will spend the afternoon
watching my best friend's daughter
open gifts as she is expecting next month

so funny shower games and finger sandwiches are on the menu
so much fun



 it's also maple season
I snapped up some maple cream on the weekend
and bought my boy some maple cream cones
his favourite


Looking forward to a jam packed weekend

what's on your agenda?