Monday, March 18, 2013

In the Kitchen ~ Wrapup

I am pleased to say that although it took me more than 
28 days to complete my cooking challenge
I finally completed it last weekend

my total list includes:

Vegetable & Pasta soup
Slow cooker rolls
Basil Pesto crescents
Dump cake
Chicken enchilada pasta
Cherry morning rolls
Breakfast casserole
Buffalo mac & cheese
Rolo cookies
Chicken pesto flatbread
Bacon double cheeseburger dip
Blueberry oatmeal muffins
Pesto alfredo shrimp pasta
Creole tuna
Italian meatballs
Monkey bread
Chicken tortilla soup
Lemon blueberry lemon bread
Peach & cherry crumble

Some of our favourites included:

these became a new favourite cookie
although they take a bit more prep than your normal everyday cookie
they are worth the extra time and effort 

this cake was so so good ~ I really cannot tell you how much we enjoyed it
even after it ran over in the oven 
set off the smoke detector and forced me to open the windows
on a sub zero degree with the wind chill day

I made it as a layer cake but it would be great in a 9x13 slab
or a bundt pan

these were good and I would make them again
they would be great for a dinner party ~ they were just enough

I was so proud of myself as I made my own pastry as well as the tarts
and these will be made again as I cannot believe it took me this long
to make them the first time around

I have had this many times but never made it myself
as it is a classic Acadian meat pie

although I liked this soup
Trevor was not a fan so this will not be made again
unless I am taking it out of the house!

I have had this recipe pinned for over a year
and I finally made them and loved them

these are a new favourite
and will accompany my next pot of soup, stew or chilli

who am I kidding ~ I will make them to go with just about anything!

Looking back over my list I did more baking than meal items
even though I said that I was not a baker!

All the recipes can be found on my Pinterest feed

and I want to give a shout out to Simone for starting this
and being the best cheerleader a girl could ask for

I had so much fun doing this 
and plan to do again

Hope you had a great weekend!


Cathi said...

I'm so proud of both you and Simone - you ladies rocked it with this cooking challenge!! I will be hitting up your pinterest for a few of those goodies - yum!

I wanted to thank you so much for your kind words today - it's been a crazy few days full of extreme highs and lows and I so appreciate the love you sent my way! Hugs and sunshine to you, my sweet friend! xxoo

Farmgirl Paints said...

Man oh man these look amazing. You made all my favorite flavors. Proud of you. That was a lofty challenge.

Leslie Harris said...

Lori I can't believe all the cooking you did! I'm so impressed, really. And I just copied a few of these recipes. I'm going to make the little pineapple cakes for Easter dinner. I'm not sure if they are typical Easter desserts but the cook (me) likes them so they're on the menu now!
I hope you can put your feet up and relish your accomplishment. Yayyy!
Leslie (Gwen Moss)