Monday, March 11, 2013

Memory Lane

As I was going through pictures last weekend
for my new series
it was like taking a stroll down memory lane

the pictures are plentiful
and although I could have sat and scanned each one of them
to save them for eternity
I scanned in a few of my favourites 
and thought I would share them here with you

this is my Grampy
I am thinking it was taken in the 50's at the farm
and I absolutely love it

flash forward 30 years or so
a typical Saturday night at the farm

rewind again to 1969
there were only 5 grandchildren that summer
with 2 more to come along in August

that's me in the back 
the little blondie

we now total 12

Christmas 1969
my brother's first Christmas
that is him and I on the end

taken the same Christmas
I think this is my favourite family photo
through the years

I chuckled when I found this one
it seems everyone has a pen squiggle except for me
do you think I had issues with my cousins when I was younger?

cosmos at the farm
this is why I love them so....

The weekend was full of cooking and cribbage
as Mom was over for a visit and supper on Saturday night

Sunday was a lazy day
made some chicken stock for fricot
and snuggled in on the couch
for some me time

hope your weekend was all you wanted it to be



Blondie's Journal said...

I love looking at old pictures, too. Sadly, all the old family pictures were passed on to my oldest sister so I can't really look at them any old time. You were such a cute kids!

Not sure what fricot is...

I will have to look at your previous post to find out what your new series is about.

Happy Monday!


Cathi said...

I love your old photos Lori - it reminds me of all of the simpler times of my childhood. Ever since I got back from my family reunion, I have been going thru alot of my old photos too. I hope this week is wonderful for you! Hugs and love to you, girly! xxoo

Barbara Lilian in France said...

I'm often taking a trip down memory lane.I think it's good for the soul.
It's usually when I'm looking for something, which I still can't find but the memories make up for the lost item. I'm sure you enjoyed your visit down memory lane showing all those wonderful photos of brothers sisters & cousins. Thanks for sharing.