Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Women that Made Me ~ Grammy Stiles

This is my maternal grandmother

but I called her Grammy

most of my memories of her are childhood memories
as she went into a nursing home while I was in my teens
and passed away when I was in my 20's
she had alzheimer's disease

The farm ~ glory days

it was she that lived on the farm
this is the grandmother that baked bread every week

made each one of her grandchildren a quilt

 I received hand made cotton nighties for my birthday
and cozy flannel ones for Christmas

I remember her baking ~ she was always cooking something
her house was spotless

we would play upstairs in the kitchen chamber in the old clothes
on the weekend

tip toe around the beans drying on the newspapers
smell the dill drying
or try to creep down the steep steps to the kitchen
although we were told to stay off them

can you find her ~ yeah the arrow helps
but when Gina and I found this picture a couple of years ago
I got a little spooked

it was like ~ that's me!  scary real

birds eye view of the farm

Years later while I was researching our family tree
I was gifted with her journals
they have important dates jotted in them
the birth of a baby
and the passing of a dear friend or relative

what resonated with me when I read them
was that this woman lived for the weekends
when the kids would arrive with grandchildren in tow

although her weeks were filled with keeping house
and the farm chores
card parties and the occasional party line gossip
it was family that mattered

I love this old shot ~ a gathering
there was always room for more
and when it is out by the apple tree
more than likely two or three

this was taken the Christmas before she went into the home
although she and Grampy had moved into an apartment
it was becoming harder and harder for him to take care of her

so here I am a flanked by two of the most important
women in my life

sometimes I wonder what would have happened if she had been healthy
and lived longer ~ I think we would have gotten along...


Ann said...

This is such a touching post.
Made me remember my two grandmothers who I loved dearly and my beloved mother too.

Unknown said...

Your post is so heartfelt. I can feel the love you have for these two women.

Cathi said...

You do resemble her quite a bit, Lori...this also made me think of my grandmothers - my mom's mom died when I was very young, so most of my memories are of my dad's mom - she also lived on a farm and raised 12 kids there...I should dig out those photos! This was a beautiful post as usual Lori! xxoo