Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Happy Place

Weekend before last we finally got down to the cottage
for an entire weekend 

we could not have asked for nicer weather
sun shining and not too many bugs

my sidekick and I like to take a walk along the old road
Molly loves it as she does not need to be on her leash
as the traffic is now diverted ~ this is used for walking and the odd 4 wheeler
making its way through the countryside 

 our little cabin needs some work
now that the new deck is on and complete
it is time to scrape paint and give it a fresh coat
I am hoping to get it completed this year ~ weather permitting of course

I remember coming down here as a teenager
not appreciating the quiet and the beauty of it all
but on one of these moments back in the early 80's
I sat on the beach and wrote a poem
and titled it 

Dorchester Cape

Looking across the water, I can see "The Rocks"
no one ever whispers, no one even talks
it is so calm and quiet, the water is so still
and I sit here wondering, if I could get my fill

of the pretty views, down here on the beach
the trees and the fog whispering, if I could only reach

reach up and pull the heavens, down right here with me
and I would be so happy, if they could only see

you see across the water on a clear day
you can see one of Canada's own little wonders of the world

this truly is one of my happy places.

Thank you for your comments and opinions on finding that balance
between blogging, social media and life
especially over the summer months

it is true that the computer has taken a back seat for me
during the nice weather ~ I tend to do more reading
and after working all day, spending as much time on the deck as possible

so if you think I have fallen off the radar ~ have faith
I am still here ~ reading every day
and commenting when I get the chance.

Hope you are enjoying your week!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Friday night and I am ready to kick back and relax
all weekend long



and that may be just what I do as I am on my own
as Trev is off to the island for a little boys weekend
that includes drag racing

that's Anne's Island for Becky and Lou
as in Anne of Green Gables
somehow I doubt the boys will make it to Cavendish though for a visit


this week I have felt like a hamster on a wheel
in need of some time off ~ counting down until vacation
but trying not to wish the summer away
it is a doubled edge sword



so this weekend I will recharge my batteries
take some time for me
read ~ pedicure ~ time with my girl

heading to the beach Saturday night for a little birthday party
should be a good time



I read this blog post this week and it really resonated with me
I think we have all struggled with balance
especially those that have kids
give it a read ~ I would love to hear your thoughts


 Wishing you a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Little Bit of History

We were at the cottage on the weekend 
and after brunch on Sunday I decided to go up to the village
and visit a place I have not been to in years

the Keillor House was built in 1813
if you wish you can read more about it here

the reason for this visit was an exhibit showcasing 100 years of fashion
with pieces selected from the Keillor House costume collection

it also illustrates the fashions worn by women in the area

my Dad's cousin contacted me last month
looking for some general information about my grandmother
year of birth and death and a picture of her

seems the curator had a dress that belonged to my grandmother

so off I went ~ paid my admission and was let around on my own private tour
when the time came and we arrived in the area where the exhibit was
I stopped dead in my tracks

I know that dress!

actually I have had that dress on ~ on more than one occasion
it hung in the kitchen chamber at the farm
and when we were kids we played dress up with the old clothes
for hours on end ~ so to see this dress ~ on a mannequin
made me smile

there were no camera's allowed in the house
but my tour guide turned his back and let me take a couple of shots on my phone

the information on the placard is not all correct
so I am going to reach out to the curator to ensure she has accurate information

so my mission was complete ~ it was an hour well spent.

We left the main house and headed out to the carriage house
where I could take as many pictures as I wanted

this old carriage was donated to the museum by our family
when they cleaned out the farm

more smiles when I look at it and think about my grandparents
and the 5 kids bundled up ~ going to church on a Sunday morning
oh the stories it could tell

this of course caught my eye as I worked for Eaton's until it's closure in 1999.

I love visiting the past ~ especially when it has special surprises like this.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Potpourri

I am putting on the brakes
and coasting to a stop

Friday night and all is well.....



 last weekend was all kinds of wonderful
the no plans thing worked out ~ it was nice to go at our own pace
do something or nothing if we wanted 
and had fun doing it

after a fun filled Friday night ~ Saturday I went garden centre shopping
looking for bargain shrubs and bushes
but nothing caught my eye 

had a wonderful supper with a surprise guest
as Trev's bestie was here for a visit

finally got the flowerbeds weeded
and went to bed early ~ wow ~ rockin the Sat night

Sunday we were taken out to breakfast
then we spent the afternoon at our cousin's pool

naps all around ~ another great dinner
and a laid back Sunday night




tonight I am gathering and packing up
as we are finally getting to the cottage for our first overnight
this year...

I know!  There has been so much going on 
we have only had day trips so I am so looking forward to it

just kicking back ~ reading 
walking on the beach ~ loving life



I am also trying to catch up on my blog reading
doing most of it on bloglovin which I love by the way
but it sucks that I cannot leave comments
so please know that I have been by
and will be soon to leave a note or two!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend
full of sunshine and smiles