Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Little Bit of History

We were at the cottage on the weekend 
and after brunch on Sunday I decided to go up to the village
and visit a place I have not been to in years

the Keillor House was built in 1813
if you wish you can read more about it here

the reason for this visit was an exhibit showcasing 100 years of fashion
with pieces selected from the Keillor House costume collection

it also illustrates the fashions worn by women in the area

my Dad's cousin contacted me last month
looking for some general information about my grandmother
year of birth and death and a picture of her

seems the curator had a dress that belonged to my grandmother

so off I went ~ paid my admission and was let around on my own private tour
when the time came and we arrived in the area where the exhibit was
I stopped dead in my tracks

I know that dress!

actually I have had that dress on ~ on more than one occasion
it hung in the kitchen chamber at the farm
and when we were kids we played dress up with the old clothes
for hours on end ~ so to see this dress ~ on a mannequin
made me smile

there were no camera's allowed in the house
but my tour guide turned his back and let me take a couple of shots on my phone

the information on the placard is not all correct
so I am going to reach out to the curator to ensure she has accurate information

so my mission was complete ~ it was an hour well spent.

We left the main house and headed out to the carriage house
where I could take as many pictures as I wanted

this old carriage was donated to the museum by our family
when they cleaned out the farm

more smiles when I look at it and think about my grandparents
and the 5 kids bundled up ~ going to church on a Sunday morning
oh the stories it could tell

this of course caught my eye as I worked for Eaton's until it's closure in 1999.

I love visiting the past ~ especially when it has special surprises like this.


Leslie Harris said...

Lori I'm so interested in your family's story. That carriage is amazing and I can't imagine how cool it would be to have that kind of family history preserved in a museum. And your Grandma's dress is beautiful. Did you say you wore it once? What a special afternoon you had. I wish I lived closer I would love to visit that museum!

Unknown said...

Oh, my! I love all the antiques, and I can't imagine your surprise upon seeing that dress!!