Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Days

After a little busy spell ~ I thought I would pop in today
to say hi!

last weekend was a busy one
on the go all 3 days ~ celebrated Canada Day
and showed our red & white
all three days

Saturday was errands and getting together with
the best neighbours ever for game night

keeping in the spirit I found red & white chips
we had fun

Sunday was to the camp for ribfest 
as my FIL was going to use his smoker for the first time

let's just say we finished cooking them on the bbq
and using the smoker requires a learning curve for him
they were delish!

all decked out for Canada Day on Monday
we spent the afternoon at the park ~ stopped for ice cream on the way home
and put the air conditioner in the bedroom window

local strawberries are making me happy
lots of trifle, shortcake and slicing them on my cereal in the morning
I cannot get enough of them

Sam turned 14 on Tuesday
so Wed night I picked up her and Kat ~ met Trev for supper
then the girls went shopping

it is something I do for their birthdays and at Christmas
I not only am assured I am buying something that they like or want
but we have quality time as well
I love that they still love hanging around with me

this weekend was more low key

I have read 2 magazines ~ finished my book
and puttered around the house
it is too humid to do anything else

last night I went to my high school reunion
30 years ~ it hardly seems possible
but it was great reconnecting with people and 
love that it was a casual affair at a local pub

and now I shall go and pick out my next book to read
from my overflowing bookcase

hope you had a great weekend
and that the week ahead makes you smile


D. Jean Quarles said...

Love your furry friend. What a treat going to a BBQ.

Leslie Harris said...

I love all your Canada Day spirit Lori, especially those fancy red and white nails! I sure wish I was better about getting my nails done, lately I'm always washing garden dirt from them :)
It sounds like such a fun time at your class reunion. Isn't it hard to believe how fast time flies? By the way, your little pooch looks so adorable with that patriotic bandana on his neck! Hope the weather cools down for you guys, it did for us.

Cathi said...

It sounds like you have been having one fun adventure after another, Lori! We had a pretty busy weekend hanging out with friends and doing lots of eating and enjoyed every second of it! Cheers to a fabulous week ahead! xxoo