Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Potpourri

I am putting on the brakes
and coasting to a stop

Friday night and all is well.....



 last weekend was all kinds of wonderful
the no plans thing worked out ~ it was nice to go at our own pace
do something or nothing if we wanted 
and had fun doing it

after a fun filled Friday night ~ Saturday I went garden centre shopping
looking for bargain shrubs and bushes
but nothing caught my eye 

had a wonderful supper with a surprise guest
as Trev's bestie was here for a visit

finally got the flowerbeds weeded
and went to bed early ~ wow ~ rockin the Sat night

Sunday we were taken out to breakfast
then we spent the afternoon at our cousin's pool

naps all around ~ another great dinner
and a laid back Sunday night




tonight I am gathering and packing up
as we are finally getting to the cottage for our first overnight
this year...

I know!  There has been so much going on 
we have only had day trips so I am so looking forward to it

just kicking back ~ reading 
walking on the beach ~ loving life



I am also trying to catch up on my blog reading
doing most of it on bloglovin which I love by the way
but it sucks that I cannot leave comments
so please know that I have been by
and will be soon to leave a note or two!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend
full of sunshine and smiles



Blondie's Journal said...

I think your last weekend sounded heavenly...well maybe not the weeding! But, it has to be done. It sounds like you have a wonderful weekend coming. Relax and enjoy.

I am having problems with all sorts of blogs switching from this to that. Google+ is very frustrating...finding posts and email addresses. I just don't know how it will work itself out. I am still on Google and so far, so good.

Happy Weekend, sweetie!


Lou said...

Hello you...I just walked the dogs (have my dog's sister to stay this week) and passed a place that reminds me so much of anne of green gables! It always makes me think of you! Have a chilled weekend, Lou x


Your weekend sounds perfect.

Can you not leave comments if you are reading a post on blog lovin? That doesn't seem workable. Too much change for me. :)


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Your weekends always sound great Lori .... busy, fun and always food and drink involved !!!! haha.
It seems ages since I commented on your blog what with our holiday and everything. Hope that you are both well and have a wonderful time at your cottage. XXXX

Cathi said...

Have a fabulous weekend, lovely lady! Sounds like you have alot of fun on your agenda! Alex and I have friends coming to town today - so we are excited to see them and Steff made a surprise trip down too! Sending you love and sunshine! xxoo

Unknown said...

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