Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Hello Friday ~ I have been waiting for you



 the days are  getting shorter
and cooler

I feel like nesting
baking ~ slow cooked meals
under a blanket with a good book and a cup of tea

socks ~ gasp 
and sweaters


this week-end I am packing up summer
they are calling for rain
so nest I will




I need a week-end at home
to putter and do things at will

no agenda ~ no lists ~ no plans

sounds like a perfect one to me.

Happy Week-end.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Salt Air & Sunsets

While I was on vacation
I spent an afternoon and evening 
by the seashore with one of my favourite people ever

we started out at the wharf
watching people fishing

we wandered around
and just enjoying the beautiful evening

our next stop was the beach
quite deserted but there were a few people
both in the water and on the beach

teal toes for September!

so many little hermit crabs

me and my girl

this is what 13 looks like ~ she is growing up way too fast!

we topped the evening off with the most beautiful sunset.

I was so glad we got a chance to get together as she was so busy all summer
with camps and week-ends away
I love that we can talk ~ really talk
connect ~ act goofy ~ laugh and sing.

So first week back from vacation is always eventful
it's been busy ~ both at work and home

will be taking some time this week-end
to chill ~ relax and attend a special gathering
with some old friends.

Wishing you the best week-end ever.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Open Farm Day

Sunday was open farm day here in the Maritimes
it gives people the opportunity to go out to the local farms
that don't have the opportunity to do so 

we set out for one and ended up going to 2 different farms

it was a gorgeous day

we stopped at Indian Mountain Farms
which raises Galloway Beef cows

now I thought I was a country girl at heart but I had never seen
this type of cow.  There was a couple of brand new calves
and they were so sweet ~ I wanted to bring one home!
 our next stop was at a dairy farm
and it is quite the operation

Waldow Farms is a dairy farm
that milks their cows 3 times a day using a rotary "parlor"
it was pretty cool to watch the milking process from above
and then from the floor
we spent the most time here just walking the grounds and checking out
the barns ~ the cows in the big barn sleep on waterbeds

they say that comfortable cows are happy cows and they produce more milk

lots of babies here too and you could get up close and personal 
with these ones

 I grew up on a farm most week-ends 
so I really enjoyed going back to my roots so to speak

and it was fun to see the kids ~ ones that maybe have never had the chance
to visit a farm and see what it is all about

driving home there was a distinct odor in the car
"eau d'farm" I do believe it was
so we abandoned our plans to go out for supper
and stopped for some fixins instead

it was one of my favorite Sunday's this summer
and the best way to end my vacation.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Vacation is drawing to a close
and I have done exactly what I wanted to this week
which was a whole lot of nothing


 I spent most of it alone
as Trev had something else in the works
but that is ok


I finished one book and I am almost done another

I napped

I walked with Miss Molly


 I got to two flea markets on Sunday

and to an antique store I have been wanting to visit
for awhile now



Wednesday I picked Sam up after school and we headed to the shore
we walked the wharf
then frolicked on the beach

I do have pictures which I will post soon

 I still need to clean my house
and finish my laundry

the containers need to be emptied as the heat really
kicked the crap out of them this year
that and the lack of rain

and I need a mum ~ I must get out today for that



the days have been gorgeous ~ hot and not feeling like fall is coming
but the nights cool off to remind us that it is indeed September.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my teal post
it's a gentle reminder each year to each of us

Wishing you all a wonderful week-end
full of sunshine and smiles!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's Talk About It....

it's September and that means

it's time for teal

teal of course is for ovarian cancer awareness
and the sunflower is their flower



I gave myself a pedicure on Sunday
and I now have teal toes

my heart broke in 2 ~ 2 years ago when we lost Lisa
aka Bumpkin on a Swing
to ovarian cancer ~ thus every year
in September
I will climb up on my little soapbox and remind you
to paint your toes teal and join the fight.