Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's Talk About It....

it's September and that means

it's time for teal

teal of course is for ovarian cancer awareness
and the sunflower is their flower



I gave myself a pedicure on Sunday
and I now have teal toes

my heart broke in 2 ~ 2 years ago when we lost Lisa
aka Bumpkin on a Swing
to ovarian cancer ~ thus every year
in September
I will climb up on my little soapbox and remind you
to paint your toes teal and join the fight.



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

..... and so you should Lori ..... a cause that needs to be talked about as much as possible.
I love the images that you choose Lori and such a beautiful way to illustrate such a worthy cause and to remind us all to be aware. XXXX

Mikal said...

I didn't know the sunflower was their flower.... love this cause even more knowing that.

Your combo of images is so moving and beautiful Lori! I love that you get on your soapbox and speak on this cause!

So Friday my pedicure will include teal toes! For you and Lisa!

Love you girlie!!

Cathi said...

Beautiful post, Lori and such an important cause! Teal it shall be on my toes this weekend! Hugs and love, sweet girl! xxoo