Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Wonders of Nature

As I was sitting out on my deck after supper
I heard the honking in the distance
and I knew if I looked up ~ I would see them

you see every night we have flocks of geese
that fly over the house
headed down river to where they roost for the night

seeing them fly in formation is something that brings a smile to my face
each and every time 

the honking lets you know that they are coming
you just have to be patient

I counted 5 flocks tonight and just when I thought the show was over
another ground of 20 or so went

they reminded me of a team building note
I had hanging for my team ~ back when I was in a management position

Every formation has a lead bird out front who leads and sets the pace for the others. The first bird has to work the hardest since it flies through undisturbed air. When the lead bird tires, it will move out of the lead position and fall back into one of the lines of the V. Another bird will rapidly move forward to take the lead position to maintain the V formation. The two birds at the end of the V tire more rapidly and rotate frequently with the rest of the flock. This is true teamwork.

Not sure why I felt the need tonight to write about it
it was a simple thing ~ that made me smile

and maybe sharing it with you
will bring a smile to your face as well
as long as you are not petrified of birds!!


Mikal said...

I love watching birds fly, and also love how they work together. I wish people teams were like that all the time!! LOL

What plans have you made for your time off?

Farmgirl Paints said...

I love geese. Whenever I see one I think of MN. There was a family that came to a certain neighborhood close to ours and raised their little ones. Just thinking of those waddling creatures brings a smile to my face. Thanks for telling me about their teamwork. That was interesting.

Ann said...

That's a beautiful photo.
Yes it also brought me back to my management classes years ago when we were studying about the V Formation and how looking after each member of the team would help a company grow.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

An amazing sight Lori and, even though I live just outside London, we see them often. We have a river near our house and they all gather there, along with lots of swans. There's nothing nicer than nature is there ? XXXX

Cathi said...

Love the teamwork story, Lori and the photo is breath taking! I was reminded of another kind of bird story - I was doing my walk around the neighborhood a few years ago and a big crow came swooping down 3 times and hitting my head - I took off running, I felt like I was in the movie The Birds and I ended up losing my glasses - it was pretty scary at the time but makes me laugh now. Haha xxoo