Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Potpourri

Wow ~ 2 weeks
I know it is not a stretch for me to go this long between posts
but I feel like I lost a week


in a way I did ~ slept it away
living on tea and toast
knocked me on my butt in a big bad way

I don't think I have missed more than 3 days of work
in a row
but I was out all week long
Wednesday I cried ~ Trev hugged me tight
I was feeling so bad ~ fever would not break
it was horrible

I started to feel human again last weekend
slowly building up strength so I could go back to work
and make it through an entire day without a nap



I went back on Monday
and it has taken every ounce of strength 
each and every day to just get up ~ put in my 8 hours
and get back home

I know ~ sounds wimpy but it was bad
and I am not a wimpy sick person
just sayin...



I had the cutest little nurse though
it is amazing how they can sense when you are not well 
and stick by you all day long


this weekend will be laying low again
taking it easy as I need to get better ~ feel better
and drinking lots of tea with honey.

Happy Weekend.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Potpourri

Hello friends ~ Happy Friday



here I am again in my regularly scheduled spot
you know I was going to discontinue my potpourri post this year
but then I was missing it
I love looking through Pinterest ~ gathering photos
and writing my words
even if it was just a little recap of my week
and plans for the weekend
what can I say ~ I love to share
my words ~ my thoughts and these beautiful pictures



although we have been in a January thaw with beautiful weather
I am in a soupy kind of mood
pouring over recipes and planning make ahead meals
it is after all still winter although it is not very pretty looking right now
which is fine ~ we have a good 2 months of snow and cold left
then I can start dreaming of spring

tomorrow I am heading out on a little road trip
it's wedding planning time and invitations are on the agenda
I am tickled pink I have been asked to help out



I saws this quilt on a blog posting last week
and I had to find a tutorial for it as I thought it would be the perfect pattern
for my memory quilt
the jury is still out but I think it is going to work ~ we will see

cathedral window quilt

slowly getting around to visit everyone

Trev is sick as a dog so he will be down for the count most of the weekend

tonight my butt is placed firmly on the couch
I have a little black and white snuggled in beside me
and I have some shows recorded and I am about to press play

hope you had a great week
and that this weekend brings smiles.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Scraps of Memories

I have wanted a weekend with no plans
no expectations 

well this one was close ~ but there are plenty of weekends left in 
January and February for that!

since I packed up Christmas last weekend
but did not get around to anything else ~ I cleaned on Saturday
and put things back out where they belong
changing some things and leaving others

I have been having fun with my chalkboard
looking up different quotes and then trying to replicate them
and yes ~ I am doing it all freehand
probably did not need to point that out!

Before Christmas when I bought the mini lights to make these
and the ones I got originally had the green wire instead of white
I set them aside with all intentions of returning them
but they never got back to the store

meanwhile on Pinterest I found pictures/tutorials for 
ribbon or fabric garland
and my mind immediately went to a tote full of fabric
I have in the closet from days gone by when I used to make
fabric covered photo albums and address books
think late 80's / early 90's

 basically fabric I knew that I more than likely would never use again
but was holding onto it because that is how I roll!

so I spent the afternoon measuring and cutting
strip after strip ~ smiling at the memories some of these fabrics hold
and I knew I was on the right track

so I have started knotting them on the lights and I really like how everything is coming together

I will add in some ribbon as well then string them up
easy peasy!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Have a Little Faith

I am feeling a little like a kite in a strong wind
at the end of the string
snapping and pulling and out of control

lots of things rattling around in this mind of mine tonight
not anything I want to pour out here right now
maybe in time I can share
but not right now....

I decided on my word tonight though
I was going back and forth between 2


Faith & Hope

I think they go hand in hand
to have faith in something with hope that it will get better

you have to have faith in yourself

in your family

your friendships that you nurture

faith in your spouse and the love that you share

in your beliefs


so Faith is it

I have my eye on this necklace
but I think this year I am going to support local business
and there is a girl here in town making hand stamped jewellery

I ordered some Christmas gifts from her
and I won a certificate from her last month
of course I already bought 1 necklace
but I think another is in order
she has an Etsy shop ~ just click on the link above

I love that she is willing to try new and different things
and up for pretty much anything!

Here is to having a little faith in 2014.

Friday, January 3, 2014

A Blessed Year

Happy New Year!

I am still here ~ just soaking it all in
coming down from the hustle and bustle
I cannot believe that it has been almost a week since my last post

we partied on new years eve like it was 1999
not really ~ but we did go to a party and had lots of fun
will share some pics on that later....

my word for 2013 was Blessed
so I thought I would share some of my blessings
from the year that was

I love looking back at some of my posts
some months I was on fire
then others ~ not so much

one of my posts that generated the most traffic was 
which was a tribute post for my Dad ~ using only my pictures
I can sing the songs and look at the photos and smile
so many good memories
he is forever in my heart

the cooking challenge in February was just that
a challenge
I said this year I will not take on anything that big
but will try and cook one new thing a week
it was so much fun and we did find some new favourites

in March I started my 
I loved putting these posts together ~ blessed to have these women in my life

I blogged every day in May except for maybe 2
I loved loved loved this challenge
I loved the writing and deciding what stories to share
like the cooking challenge it did take preparation
but once I got everything planned out I really enjoyed it

the warm weather arrived and brought us a junior prom
time at the cottage and at the camp
spending time with family and friends
making new memories
I loved creating my summer wrap up post here

as autumn descended on us we were treated to a colour show
the fall fair
closing up the cottage for another season
and gave thanks with not one but 2 family dinners

it has not all been sunshine and rainbows
there have been bumps in the road
harsh words said ~ fractured relationships
but with a little faith and work ~ things will get better

I look back at 2013 I do feel blessed
surrounded by loved ones
and friends that feel like family
living in a home and having a car to take me to my job
not having to choose between heat and food
see ~ it's all good.

Looking forward to sharing my word for 2014
until then ~ have a wonderful weekend.