Friday, January 3, 2014

A Blessed Year

Happy New Year!

I am still here ~ just soaking it all in
coming down from the hustle and bustle
I cannot believe that it has been almost a week since my last post

we partied on new years eve like it was 1999
not really ~ but we did go to a party and had lots of fun
will share some pics on that later....

my word for 2013 was Blessed
so I thought I would share some of my blessings
from the year that was

I love looking back at some of my posts
some months I was on fire
then others ~ not so much

one of my posts that generated the most traffic was 
which was a tribute post for my Dad ~ using only my pictures
I can sing the songs and look at the photos and smile
so many good memories
he is forever in my heart

the cooking challenge in February was just that
a challenge
I said this year I will not take on anything that big
but will try and cook one new thing a week
it was so much fun and we did find some new favourites

in March I started my 
I loved putting these posts together ~ blessed to have these women in my life

I blogged every day in May except for maybe 2
I loved loved loved this challenge
I loved the writing and deciding what stories to share
like the cooking challenge it did take preparation
but once I got everything planned out I really enjoyed it

the warm weather arrived and brought us a junior prom
time at the cottage and at the camp
spending time with family and friends
making new memories
I loved creating my summer wrap up post here

as autumn descended on us we were treated to a colour show
the fall fair
closing up the cottage for another season
and gave thanks with not one but 2 family dinners

it has not all been sunshine and rainbows
there have been bumps in the road
harsh words said ~ fractured relationships
but with a little faith and work ~ things will get better

I look back at 2013 I do feel blessed
surrounded by loved ones
and friends that feel like family
living in a home and having a car to take me to my job
not having to choose between heat and food
see ~ it's all good.

Looking forward to sharing my word for 2014
until then ~ have a wonderful weekend.



Farmgirl Paints said...

Happy new year friend!! It was a good year. So much to look forward to this year:-) It's gonna be good!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Lori! I really enjoyed reading your "wrap up" of 2013.


I enjoyed this review of your year, Lori. Happy New year. I just chose my word for 2014 (on my blog on Monday.)


Cathi said...

Happy New Year, Lori...I have enjoyed each and every one of your wonderful posts, they are always well thought out and full of love...looking forward to more of you this year. I may not always comment, but know that I always read your blog first thing in the morning...I just posted my word for the year. Cheers to a fabulous year for us all! Love, hugs and smiles, sweet friend! xxoo

Leslie Harris said...

Lori I'm so glad you did this review. I actually remember each of these posts and the tribute to your Dad was one of my favorites. I also remember admiring your cooking challenge, I think Simone did that too, and I couldn't believe you guys. I can't remember the last time I cooked four nights in a row hahaha. One thing I might try was your May challenge of writing each day because I really enjoyed reading what you came up with. And I'm curious if I could write something every day. Anyway, I'm blathering. I just wanted to tell you how much I love my visits here. I consider your friendship a blessing. (love your word)