Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Potpourri

Hello friends ~ Happy Friday



here I am again in my regularly scheduled spot
you know I was going to discontinue my potpourri post this year
but then I was missing it
I love looking through Pinterest ~ gathering photos
and writing my words
even if it was just a little recap of my week
and plans for the weekend
what can I say ~ I love to share
my words ~ my thoughts and these beautiful pictures



although we have been in a January thaw with beautiful weather
I am in a soupy kind of mood
pouring over recipes and planning make ahead meals
it is after all still winter although it is not very pretty looking right now
which is fine ~ we have a good 2 months of snow and cold left
then I can start dreaming of spring

tomorrow I am heading out on a little road trip
it's wedding planning time and invitations are on the agenda
I am tickled pink I have been asked to help out



I saws this quilt on a blog posting last week
and I had to find a tutorial for it as I thought it would be the perfect pattern
for my memory quilt
the jury is still out but I think it is going to work ~ we will see

cathedral window quilt

slowly getting around to visit everyone

Trev is sick as a dog so he will be down for the count most of the weekend

tonight my butt is placed firmly on the couch
I have a little black and white snuggled in beside me
and I have some shows recorded and I am about to press play

hope you had a great week
and that this weekend brings smiles.


Blondie's Journal said...

First...I'm glad you are having a nice restful evening, but so sad about hubby. I wish him a better day tomorrow.

Thank you for all of the cool things to look at. And I have all the faith in the world that you will make a quilt even better than this one!

Love your potpourri, Keep it up!


Lou said...

Hi Loria - I always like a bit of Friday potpourri so I am glad you didn't stop. I must admit I used to also love gathering pictures and doing my 'things of beauty' posts on a Friday but then I found I was putting all the images on Pinterest so I just kept them there! The words seemed to take over instead. The kind of weather you get is so extreme I can't imagine having snow for months at a time! Have a restful weekend and enjoy your soup! Lou x

Lou said...

LOl - Loria??! Sorry Lori a rogue 'a' slipped in there! L x

Farmgirl Paints said...

Please don't ever stop. I love them. That quilt, the soup... Man:-) Take care of your man. Cozy in.

Unknown said...

We're experiencing a heat wave here! Water has been running off the roof for two days straight - it's nice but it's also looking dirty and icy - not great...