Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Potpourri

Wow ~ 2 weeks
I know it is not a stretch for me to go this long between posts
but I feel like I lost a week


in a way I did ~ slept it away
living on tea and toast
knocked me on my butt in a big bad way

I don't think I have missed more than 3 days of work
in a row
but I was out all week long
Wednesday I cried ~ Trev hugged me tight
I was feeling so bad ~ fever would not break
it was horrible

I started to feel human again last weekend
slowly building up strength so I could go back to work
and make it through an entire day without a nap



I went back on Monday
and it has taken every ounce of strength 
each and every day to just get up ~ put in my 8 hours
and get back home

I know ~ sounds wimpy but it was bad
and I am not a wimpy sick person
just sayin...



I had the cutest little nurse though
it is amazing how they can sense when you are not well 
and stick by you all day long


this weekend will be laying low again
taking it easy as I need to get better ~ feel better
and drinking lots of tea with honey.

Happy Weekend.


Foxanddahlia said...

Get well soon sweetie. X

Cathi said...

I hope your feeling 100% better soon - rest and tea are a must! This flu has been a bad one this year - it's been going around here like crazy! Hugs and love to you, sweet girl! xxoo

Leslie Harris said...

Oh Lori, I can totally relate. Do you know I got sick-- cold and bad cough-the day after Christmas and it didn't go away completely until the second week of Jan? Long after I finished my medication too. So I know how you feel about the tiredness. Lay on the couch and rest with your fur baby Lori. Use your weekends to sleep and read since you're so busy during the week. And BTW don't you love my bossy side? hahaha
sending you my warm, healthy energy...

Farmgirl Paints said...

i'm so sorry you've been sick. and having to go to work on top of it...BOO! praying complete healing over you friend.

Delena said...

Lori, as you know I was sick too and can so relate. I actually thought I was going to die from the non stop coughing. Hope you get your strength soon. It is a real downer to be this sick.

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Awwwh! so sorry you are unwell Lori. I hope you are getting stronger each day. Just let your body dictate how quickly your recover (not your timetable ;-)
Thank you also Sweets for your lovely heartfelt comments over at mine; they meant the world for me.
Sending cyber hugs xx


Hope you are on the mend, Lori.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Lori, sorry to hear you've been so sick! aacck! sounds terrible! I hope you are on the mend!