Monday, January 6, 2014

Have a Little Faith

I am feeling a little like a kite in a strong wind
at the end of the string
snapping and pulling and out of control

lots of things rattling around in this mind of mine tonight
not anything I want to pour out here right now
maybe in time I can share
but not right now....

I decided on my word tonight though
I was going back and forth between 2


Faith & Hope

I think they go hand in hand
to have faith in something with hope that it will get better

you have to have faith in yourself

in your family

your friendships that you nurture

faith in your spouse and the love that you share

in your beliefs


so Faith is it

I have my eye on this necklace
but I think this year I am going to support local business
and there is a girl here in town making hand stamped jewellery

I ordered some Christmas gifts from her
and I won a certificate from her last month
of course I already bought 1 necklace
but I think another is in order
she has an Etsy shop ~ just click on the link above

I love that she is willing to try new and different things
and up for pretty much anything!

Here is to having a little faith in 2014.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Faith is a good one girl. Believing for that next step when you really can't see it:-) Here's to a beautiful 2014.

Cathi said...

Faith is a fabulous word, Lori! It's what keeps me going! Cheers to a beautiful year for us all, sweet one! Hugs and love to you! xxoo


Ah ... you chose faith. I'll send you the picture. :)