Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Make Mine Chocolate

I just L*O*V*E chocolate

and not just the kind you eat

I have been drawn to just about everything
the color of chocolate brown...

I just love this room
there is something about the dark walls

I am hoping to redo our master bedroom
in chocolate and light blue
once I find a duvet cover or fabric I fall in love with
I will be on my way.

Of course ~ I am also drawn to brown clothing
and have bought some new pieces
to add to my wardrobe

these caught my eye:
they are lovely ~ aren't they?

this one is just gorgeous!

Now ~ I could not go
an entire post about chocolate
and not leave you with some eye candy...

ice cream sandwiches

Lindor balls

chocolate eclairs ~ sinful but oh so good

chocolate dipped strawberries are heavenly

along with one of these
loving all the fruit to dip in the fondue

doesn't this one look yummy?

mini chocolate trifles

these are just sweet!

ahh ~ pure heaven

a bowl of chocolate ice cream can chase
all your troubles away!

this just looked fun
made with Cadbury Fingers and Whoppers!

Now I promised you some eye candy...

they are just the sweetest things ever...

Had to throw in one of my 80's idols
Loved him then...

and I do think he has aged VERY well!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Willow Grove

This week-end we took a little trip
just an overnight
to a place not far from home
but just far enough
that we do not get there near as often
as we should.

We were attending a reunion on Saturday
old friends of Trev's
so we stayed with his best friend
and his wife.

they live smack dab in the middle
between Saint John & St. Martin's

and although I am not a fan of Saint John
I love the lake systems in the area

the leaves are just starting to show their splendor
here in New Brunswick
another week or so
and they will be just perfect!

So this is what you see coming down the driveway
when you arrive in Willow Grove...

they really have a beautiful spot
nestled in the woods

Gordie built this over many years
it was his bachelor pad
for quite awhile

this is the view from the deck
simply gorgeous as this picture
does not do it justice really.

Debbie has done a lot with the grounds
they are busy all the time
doing something or other!

Trev met Gordie at work
and they became fast friends
Gord used to have a big rip roaring corn boil
every fall

Here is the corn pot today...

I think he has become domesticated!

this is Jingles & Pete
cutie pies..

It was not a long visit
but it was a good one

There is nothing like good friends
gathered around a fire
on a cool autumn night

Don't you love what she found
for her mantle a few years back!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Couch Potato

I am a planner
an organizer by nature
I make lists
lots of lists
for everything and anything

During our vacation
I had researched and documented
and printed out sheets of paper
and then brought along the laptop
with more saved things
of things we wanted to see
hours, directions... you get the picture

So you would think that
on my first full week back at work
I would have planned things better
and that it would not be during
Premiere Week!

Yes ~ I am a TV junkie
I admit it
I have a spreadsheet
of the shows that I watch
and they are on this said sheet
the dates and times they start
which ones I will watch
and which ones I will have to record
along with Oprah everyday
yeah ~ I admit THAT too!

So this week
Along with being exhausted
and trying to get back into some sort of routine
I have been watching TV
E*V*E*R*Y night

please don't judge me
I did take Molly to the dog park
on Tuesday night
and got eaten alive by mosquitoes

So this is where I have been
on my couch...
I call it the big comfy couch
I love it ~ maybe too much

I love this one

so pretty

I can see this one is my living room

movie night anyone?

not so comfy ~ but so regal looking

this one looks really comfy
more of a cup of tea and good book couch

this one is for Jackie...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Autumn

Welcome Autumn

While I kick and scream through summer's humidity
I welcome the crispness of fall
I love the colors this time of year
and the goodness that comes from the earth

of course I mean it is harvest time

time for a good old fashioned corn boil

time for bringing together family and friends
and butter ~ ahhh lots of butter
and salt & pepper

and maybe a couple of cocktails too

the richness of the colors this time of year
Mother Nature sure knows how to flaunt her colors

the leaves have already started to change here
in the Northeast

we shall go for a walk down this path
and look around at the beauty
and breath in
and out

lastly I leave you with a place I recently fell in love with

I knew it would be beautiful this time of year

oh ~ and maybe another sunflower shot
they are at their peak right now!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Quote of the day

As I head back to work on this Monday morn
after being on vacation for two weeks
I read this
and hope
that I can make it my mantra...

Have a great week