Monday, September 28, 2009

Willow Grove

This week-end we took a little trip
just an overnight
to a place not far from home
but just far enough
that we do not get there near as often
as we should.

We were attending a reunion on Saturday
old friends of Trev's
so we stayed with his best friend
and his wife.

they live smack dab in the middle
between Saint John & St. Martin's

and although I am not a fan of Saint John
I love the lake systems in the area

the leaves are just starting to show their splendor
here in New Brunswick
another week or so
and they will be just perfect!

So this is what you see coming down the driveway
when you arrive in Willow Grove...

they really have a beautiful spot
nestled in the woods

Gordie built this over many years
it was his bachelor pad
for quite awhile

this is the view from the deck
simply gorgeous as this picture
does not do it justice really.

Debbie has done a lot with the grounds
they are busy all the time
doing something or other!

Trev met Gordie at work
and they became fast friends
Gord used to have a big rip roaring corn boil
every fall

Here is the corn pot today...

I think he has become domesticated!

this is Jingles & Pete
cutie pies..

It was not a long visit
but it was a good one

There is nothing like good friends
gathered around a fire
on a cool autumn night

Don't you love what she found
for her mantle a few years back!


mimi charmante said...

I love when you get that feeling driving onto a beautiful property. Better short than not at all!
Thanks for sharing the shots - you are getting really good at this girlie!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Sounds like a wonderful little getaway. Love the beautiful pics:0

Unknown said...

Sounds and looks like a wonderful long weekend!!!

:) T

Cathi said...

Beautiful! It's always nice to have a quick & fun getaway with family and friends! I'm glad you have a good time, Lori!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What a wonderful place to live and such stunning daughter would love their dogs...beagles, aren't they. They are her favourite. Isn't it lovely, meeting up wth friends, Lori ? XXXX

Unknown said...

This looks beautiful Lori, what a lovely place to visit.

Love the transformation of the corn boiler! LOL

Gorgeous photos them.