Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seeing Red

No ~ I am not mad
I am rather happy today
I am looking forward to vacation and had a good day at work
well ~ better than yesterday
by the way yesterday sucked!

Red is my favorite color
Sure ~ I like other colors
lots of them
but red has always been my favorite

The term "seeing red" means anger
But red is a good color for me
and I don't get angry very often.

Red means ~

Hearts & Love

Every strong woman needs a pair of red shoes

I am loving this picture
Not quite sure what it is ~ but I like it

Gotta get to London and see one of these for myself
and maybe have a cocktail with a friend while I am there

Truly Canadian

Beautiful butterfly
Found this photo and fell in love at first sight

A red bard
Shouldn't they all be red?

A cocktail
Better for sharing with a girlfriend

They are one of the prettiest bugs
if bugs
can be pretty!

A red velvet cupcake
A little piece of heaven

A red rose
What woman would NOT want to receive a dozen of these babies??



Unknown said...


This was the first blog I read this morning, the first image was so eye-catching in my sidebar :)

And now you have your passport, London must be on your list....I can't wait for that day xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

LOVE!! My favs were the red barn, red velvet cupcake and that wonderful tin filled with red heart confetti. Great post:)

Unknown said...

LOVIN that barn...and the cocktail too :)


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hurry up Lori...I'm in the bar in London and have a cosmopolitan with your name on it...Simone is on her way and I've ordered her one as well !!!! Just get a connecting flight from New York. A wonderful redelicious post. XXXX