Friday, September 18, 2009

Saturday in Chinatown & Little Italy

On our last full day in NYC
my dear husband talked me into going on the subway...

Now you can take me to the tallest building
and I will go quite willingly
But send me underground
and I am not in my element at all

First off
I tend to melt in hot spaces
Ladies perspire or get dewy
I just sweat
and it's not pretty!

So off I go ~ down the stairs to the abyss
Why did I do it
besides tired feet
we were going downtown to Chinatown
and that means purses!!

The sights were spectacular
and there were so many people
and I did buy a purse!
It says Coach
whether it is a knockoff or real
no one here at home will ever know...

We laughed so hard at all the "salesmen"
selling watches and handbags and DVD's
It was quite the place
walking by and women yelling
Gucci, Gucci
it sounded like Koochie Koochie!

The fruit and vegetable stands were on every corner
You can buy fresh everything
and some of the seafood
looked better than the stuff we get here at home
right off the wharf!


We headed down Mulberry Street
which is Little Italy
and they were celebrating
the San Gannero Festival
It was amazing
I was smiling from ear to ear

There were crowds and crowds of people

The food was incredible

This was steak and the grill rotated
over a wood fire

And there were beverages too!

Although I did not partake
I thought these were pretty darn cute

There were carnival games
and on one of the side streets there was even
a little ferris wheel

The pastries looked delicious
It had been raining
which explains the water on the display cases

You could buy almost anything you could ever want
as long as it was Italian!

This picture is for my cousin ~ Gina

And this table of magnets was so colorful
I had to snap a shot of it

It was a great day
and well worth the subway ride.


Unknown said...

Oooh just look at those cannoli....nothing says Little Italy, NYC, "The Godfather", Al Pacino and all those Italian American movies to me like cannoli!!! I love them :)

And those are!

I loved browsing Chinatown and Little Italy, really fun, it has such a lot of atmosphere doesn't it?

I know what you mean about the subway.....I think that when you come to London, we'll have to walk or stick to red buses cos (in my opinion) the NY subway is much more comfy than the London one.....London Underground is pretty hot.....and experience of commuting on it twice a day through two pregnancies, 1 through the summer, will never leave me!!! LOL

Great photos Lori, I love looking at them :)

Simone xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

I had no idea it was like that. It's like a fair everyday of the week?? How cool is that! Oh the memories you've made:) Have a great weekend.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Well Lori, you have really summed up Chinatown an Little Italy in your photographs...bustling, busy and colourful....did you take the photo of the Pina Colada stand for me ?
Simone is right. I've been on the NY subway and I can tell you that it's much better than the London Underground. London Underground goes way deeper into the bowels of the earth !!!! XXXX said...

Koochie, Koochie! HAHAHAHAH.
That had me rolling!
Italy is MY FAVORITE place in the world. Anything that reminds me of it is my favorite by default. Your last image of all the colorful veggies--awesome!

Cathi said...

We went all over on the subway's in NYC - I loved it! I live in the Los Angeles area and if we want to go somewhere we have to drive everywhere and always with I was enjoying the break from driving....and we always ended up in Little Italy - we ate so much...!!

Chez Zizi said...

A truly fabulous trip you took. It is a truly amazing city. It's always an adventure and always something new. I am soooo happy we got to meet you. Love ya - Zizette