Monday, September 3, 2012

Rockport Tour

About 20 years ago
when we used to be young and wild
Sunday's were days for relaxing
and a little hair of the dog

these back roads were busy ~ people out for Sunday drives
and going for a "Rockport Tour" was the thing to do

I love these old roads ~ they hold memories
I had not been down this way for at least a couple of years
so with my camera on hand
off I went

this is the Rockport Hall

I think the first time I was here ~ we had held a family reunion in the building
back in the early 80's

in the mid 80's it was a dance hall every Saturday night
it was quite a site to see

bring your cooler ~ sprinkle the dance wax on the floor
and dance the night away

they charged $3.00 for a single or $5.00 a couple
it was a family affair
and I mean the whole family ~ Mom, Dad, Aunts & Uncles,
Cousin's and Grandparents

once our crew got there ~ the party started
and we had a ball.  The music was an eclectic mix to say the least

the DJ was a friend of the family
and played everything from Ricky Skaggs to the Pointer Sisters
remember ~ it was the 80's!!

I stopped the truck and walked the perimeter
and peeked into the windows
and smiled.  I could almost hear the music drifting out the door
along with the sound of laughter and good times

it does the heart good to see the grounds mowed
and the place painted ~ well kept
and still being used.

next stop on my little tour was Slacks Cove
the tide was in so I did not wander down to the beach
but this is one of my favorite places ever

there are so many little places along the road I stopped
and looked out ~ breathed in the salt air

so many camps and cottages peppering the landscape
this is a great place to be

a little stop at the Rockport United Church
founded in 1875

I really love old country churches

driving back to the cottage I had to pull over
get out of the truck and just appreciate the view

it is indeed my little piece of heaven
and it was the perfect day for a tour.


Cathi said...

So beautiful, Lori! I hope that the rest of your week is wonderful. We are heading to No Cal tomorrow to get Steff settled - very exciting and bittersweet! Hugs and love, my friend! xxoo

Ann said...

That is a lovely place,
wonderful view.

Barbara said...

Great photos!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful country you live in! Thanks for the tour!