Sunday, January 6, 2013

Circle of Life

Today is usually a hard day
because you see I miss my Daddy just a little bit more 
than usual 

but there are no more tears
only smiles as I flipped through some photo albums
and decided which ones to scan and show
the man that was Dave ~ my Dad

the one of the 2 of us is from my best friend's wedding
back in 1987

all pink and in pearls ~ yes ~ that is moi

this is him at his finest ~ it was hard to find one of him
without his tongue stuck out
he was a sassy one!

one of Mom & Dad
you know it almost broke my heart this morning
when she wrote on facebook that she lost her best friend
12 years ago today
she has never gotten over his death
and never moved on although we have given her the green light
time and again
she is just not interested....

this is a classic Christmas morning shot
the helmet paraphernalia he has on his head
was for cutting wood ~ protection when using the chain saw

did he ever wear it in the woods ~ I cannot recall
but we had fun with it that morning

a shot of him and Gina ~ she used to call him
her "Elvis"

this was from their 30th wedding anniversary
we threw a surprise party for them
and it was so much fun

this is taken in the old kitchen at the farm
and one of my very favorite shots of him.

I titled this post the circle of life because I know that time marches on
and we are born to die

I do not dwell in the past 
but on 3 days of the year I allow myself to really remember
to look at pictures and listen to sad songs
and think about what if....  what if he was still here
and on those days ~ miss him a little more than usual

On January 6th, 2012 my cousin's daughter had a little girl
and her name is Ava

she turns one today and she is a little angel ~ she really is

so time will continue to march on
and I will carry the memories of my Dad
in my heart forever.




I just love the one of you and your dad on your folks 30th anniversary.
Thinking of you today as you remember.


Cathi said...

Beautiful pictures and memories, Lori. You look just like your dad! I have a wonderful photo album of my dads life that my sister gave to me last Christmas and I cherish each and every one of the memories that the photos invoke. This year for Christmas my mom made me a photo album with all my lifetime photos and it meant the world to me! She also told me how I was always such a happy baby - which makes me smile. Sending you hugs and smiles my friend! xxoo

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Lori,
What a beautiful post about your Dad ..... and what a lovely looking man he was ..... you look so much like him. I know that you miss him terribly but, you have such wonderful memories and the knowledge that he was part of your life. Thinking of you today and sending lots of love. XXXX

Lou said...

Wow Lori - you look so much like him. I love that one of him in the kitchen - very handsome man. It heartens me that even with missing him, you can celebrate him and not have tears. Lou x

Leslie Harris said...

Lori, this is such a beautiful post. On so many levels. I loved your title, 'circle of life' because you are so right. Life goes on, no matter what. And as I get older, I've come to believe that our peace and happiness comes from learning how to transform our losses as we go through our lives. To face them and grief. And to come out the other side, feeling gratitude and love. I admit, I've struggled to do this with my own grieving. But I feel so warmed by the fact that you can look at such poignant photos and smile. And be at a place of peace. Your Dad looks like he was full of life. And so handsome. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm so happy to meet you.
Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

andi said...

Beautiful blog. Of course, I read it while on a computer at the library. Composure, composure...breathe. lol! I love it. What a beautiful walk down memory lane.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, heartfelt post. I love that first photo of you with your Dad!